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Kevin's Guide To Getting A Good Team!!

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Re: Kevin's Guide To Getting A Good Team!!

Every hour on the hour from 10am-6pm I think. Note: think. I got a Real Madrid in a WC recently' date=' you don't have to be [i']that[/i] quick. Just go on a coule of minutes before an 'odd' hour (so 11am, 1pm, 3pm or 5pm), because less people know about the odd times, then refresh until you see the number go up in the brackets (above the flag). When it goes up, search that new number in the little search box, click the link, then refresh the new page when the clubs become available. Then just click the team of your choice and get them.

I've got a Real Madrid in a WC, an Arsenal and Liverpool in an EC, and a Sevilla (which I then quit and got Zaragoza in the same setup - wanted to be the best team in Div 2 :o) this way, and my computer isn't that fast. Best team I've got in a GC is Napoli (excluding Lazio at a completely random day, Bayern when everyone thought the GC was going to be created later and Sevilla who I got purely by accident).

Nice threath mate. I will try this ! Thanks:D

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Re: Kevin's Guide To Getting A Good Team!!

Upon coming across this guide i decided to search for a Barca / Madrid.

Straight away i got my hands on a fresh Barca, thankyou:p

Couldn't find any Madrid, still can't. Been 2 hours since i've found this thread, everyone is actually easy to get around these times.

I found another Barca though, looked at the club news and we'd lost 5 managers before that, in the same day. So i looked at the league table... Oh, relegation, -26GD... Looked at my team... Highest rated 93, WOAH WAIT JUST A MINUTE.

Youth team - 202

Holy sdfghjkjhgfdsa

I have like every potentially good player, so happy :D

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Re: Kevin's Guide To Getting A Good Team!!

just wondering.... i managed bayern munich for half a year' date=' and bought danielle de rossi, ibrahimovic, xavi and buffon over my management. now i am in a dilemma if i should switch bayern munich to real madrid, which is 3 places lower than me in the league table. Should i switch?[/quote']

how is that relevant to this thread?

delete please

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