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Italian Championship 1 Match Report/Transfers thread


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Brescia Club News


Brescia Calcio appoint Friel as new coach and the Scotsman has already been busy in the transfer market snapping up Spanish sensation Bojan for no less than 15m pounds.

The club also made a player exchange with Santos which saw T.Carleto move to Italy and D.Steizla move to Brazil.

Friel made a bold statement during the press conference earlier that he has a 3 year plan in place which will see his side competing to win the Scudetto.


The club look to have sealed a 1.5m pound deal to bring in superkid Mario Balotelli from Internazional and should this go through it will be a remarkable feat for the small club


K.Bojan Interview With Laura Esposto & Mark Chapman.

Krkic Bojan: Hola buenas tardes

Laura: Good afternoon Krkic and thank you for taking time out to talk to channel 5 can you tell us what was behind your decision to move to Italy.

Krkic Bojan: Bien yo no representaba mucho en Barcelona que mi opportunites fueron limitados muy y sentía necesité mirar en otra parte al fufill mi ambición en el presente pero veo este club como una piedra que da un paso a cosas más grandes aunque primero y anterior la mayoría del quiera ayudar Brecia triunfa.

Laura: Once again thank you Krkic and we wish you all the best.

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Re: Italian Championship 1 Match Report/Transfers thread



Gazza New Man At Paleramo

Yesterday evening Gazza Thomas was named the new manager of Paleramo, He told SMTV :Im delighted to be here, im the first manager Paleramo has ever had in this setup and i am going to remain here untill i die, i have allready fell in love with this club and some of the players personalitys are great, i have made a few signings that i think will help us secure a top 6 finish, which for me, will be brilliant

The Signings

Patrice Evra - Evra Signed For £15,000,000 and Gazza is an admirer of him, he will go striaght into left back

Jens Lehman - Lehman signed from arsenal for £800,000 and Gazza says he is only the number one keeper for this season and this season only

First Match - AC Milan:rolleyes:

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Re: Italian Championship 1 Match Report/Transfers thread



Welsh manager Dai Winston has tonight been named as the new manager of Italian side Torino. Winston has been busy in the transfer market already trying to boost the squad.

Report will follow tomorrow

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Re: Italian Championship 1 Match Report/Transfers thread


Winston has been busy

After taking over Torino FC last night, Welsh manager Winston has added to the signing that was already made before he took over.

The old manager did secure the signing of England International Steven Gerrard.


Winston has added to he squad with:

Roy Makaay


Niko Kovac


Lee Carsley


Gareth Bale


Vinicius Breno


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Re: Italian Championship 1 Match Report/Transfers thread

New Hope For Udinese !


Manager Adam Johnson has been appointed at Udinese after there last manager displayed awful tactical awareness leading a strong team one place above relegation and it was clear he had no idea in the transfer market bringing in some old and aging players.


Many players will not being seeing this sight again as new ones come in !

Johnson has expressed his public anger at the way this team has been almost ruined, NMF players, poor signings and its less than a quarter into the season. Johnson is expected to announce no less than 5 new players, all of whom will improve( Rating increase :D ) during there time at the Friuli Udine.

Johnson has set his sights on a top 8 finish but given the current state of the squad and the teams point tally, it could be tough. But Johnson is one to try.

Any loans would be appreciated, for a game or to.

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