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Australian Setup 1


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Re: Australian Setup 1



Melbourne Win Cup In 7 - 0 Thumping Of Adelaide


Goals - From Calderon - 2

Hernandez - 2

Mohammed Ali - 1

Paul Scholes - 1

Kircheler - 1

A 7 - 0 Victory For Kevin Makes Him The First Man To Win Back To Back Australian Cups On SM In A Proper Setup!

Adelaide Manager must be devastated!

But Melbourne Manager Kevin Heaton was over the moon with happiness He Said "Its the best feeling winning a cup nothing better and i am over the moon that we apsolutely dominated them"

Also Kevin's Melbourne Are FIRST In The League And 4 Points Clear!


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Re: Australian Setup 1




Legend Forumer And Youth Pioneer Scottish Spence Signs For Ausi's Best Side By FAR!

Greig Spence Joins Under The Guiding Eye Of Ausi's Most Succesfull Manager Kevin Heaton We Interviewed Kevin After The Signing!

SMTV - "How does it feel to have a Youth with the potential of Greig Spence"

Kevin - "Its Good He Will Probably Never Play (lol) but he has the calibur to rise which he better do"

SMTV - "Your currently 3rd and after a Trophyless season last season can you win the double like you did before"

Kevin - "Definatly My Team Is At Its Strongest Ever i feel with the amount of high rated players can guide us too the league and the amount of youths give this side a Future"

Greig Spence Joins


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Re: Australian Setup 1

Having Won My Last Two Games & Seen Teams At The Top Faulterd Slightly , To Win The League On The Last Day Going Into The Final Match In 4th Place I Knew I Had To Win Big Away From Home Against Bottom Side Perth Glory, I Did This Winning 5-1 :)

However As 2nd & 3rd Lost & Drew & Table Toppers Melbourne Victory Lost, It Still Wasent Enough by 1 Goal.. :eek::rolleyes::(

So My 2nd Place Finish 3 Years Outa 4 Will Hava Do..With My Minnows Adeliade United & As One Of The Greatest & Weirdest Final Day Drama's Finished It Was Victory That Was Once Again Victorious.

Winning The Cup This Year Tough After My Humiliation In Season 2's Final Was A Great Acievement :)

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Re: Australian Setup 1

Since My last Post I Came Runner-Up Again' date=' Thats 5 times Runner-Up Now In 8/9 Seasons :P

But Tonight Saw Me Win My 2nd Title & Go All Season In The League Unbeaten, CCM Pushing Me ALL The Way.[/quote']

i came runners up tonight :o

level on points. you had a massive goal difference mate well done :).

its all to play for next season. gl :)

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