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English Championship 3

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Re: English Championship 3

Boston update:

Small run of form lately, latest win, 1-0 over Chesterfield. In his debut for the club after joining in the pre season, Artur Marciniak got the only goal of the game on 88mins.

1 Southend United 19 12 5 2 44 25 19 41

2 Carlisle United 19 9 9 1 37 23 14 36

3 Shorpe United 19 10 5 4 31 24 7 35


4 Cheltenham Town 19 10 3 6 32 21 11 33

5 Brentford 19 9 6 4 28 18 10 33

6 Gillingham 19 10 1 8 36 24 12 31

7 Yeovil Town 19 10 1 8 37 35 2 31

8 BOSTON UNITED 19 9 4 6 26 26 0 31

9 Leyton Orient 19 8 6 5 31 19 12 30

10 Brighton and Hove Albion 19 8 4 7 36 25 11 28

11 Chesterfield 19 8 4 7 25 24 1 28

12 Rochdale 19 7 5 7 35 42 -7 26

13 Luton Town 19 7 4 8 41 35 6 25

14 Rotherham United 19 7 4 8 24 31 -7 25

15 Colchester United 19 6 5 8 26 28 -2 23

16 Northampton Town 19 6 3 10 29 32 -3 21

17 Swindon Town 19 4 5 10 33 39 -6 17

18 Walsall 19 5 2 12 28 40 -12 17

19 Rushden & Diamonds 19 3 3 13 23 53 -30 12

20 Hartlepool United 19 2 1 16 11 49 -38 7

So, at the half way stage, promotion for Boston is still a hope.

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Re: English Championship 3

Charltononian News !

Charlton are currently on 15 game undefeated run and are now mid table pushing to top 4 instead of languishing in bottom place. Since the change of tactics Johnsons men have come up against some top opposition and he can only hope this form continues

Last night Charlton played Blackburn Rovers and won easily, beating them 3-1.

Goals from Diego, Smertin and lennon sealed the win.

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Re: English Championship 3

Yesterday Reviews.

West Ham United 0 x 2 Charlton Athletic

What an impressive game! Playing away from their home' date=' Adam's Charlton showed their true potential yesterday. With a great performe of the latin players, Aguero and Cardozo scored the goals.[/i']

Bristol Rovers 3 x 2 Portsmouth

Bobo's Rovers put pressure on Portsmouth from the beginnig until the end of the match and, after suffering a goal on the 10th minute, went full attacking and scored 3 goals to seal their home win.

West Bromwich Albion 1 x 1 Chelsea

Holding the pressure of Chelsea's midfield, Raz' WBA achieved a nice result for yesterdays match, a 1-1 draw against one of the best teams in the premiership.

Middlesbrough 1 x 2 Burnley

Danny Williams clearly deposits all his confidence in Burnley striker Craig Fagan, and he does not let him down. For the 3 game in a row, Fagan is the only player to score for Burnley, this time scoring the two goals that gave to Danny the victory.

Leeds United 3 x 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolfcatt's effort wasn't enough to prevent Wolves defeat ay Leeds, against a defensive Leeds United. Until the 75th minute, Wolverhampton as ahed on the score, but in two minutes Leeds sowed some reaction and turned the result to their favor.

Plymouth Argyle 1 x 0 Cardiff City

It seems that Yuri has foundthe winning formation, after a serie of defeats. Plymouth's 4th vicory in came at Home Park against the weak Cardiff City, with Nicolas Frutos scoring the winner goal. This result takes Plymouth up to 4th Place in the 2nd Division. Will Plymouth join Bristol as the first 2 clubs to get 2 consecutive promotions to reach the first division?

A.F.C. Bournemouth 0 x 0 Doncaster Rovers

Playing away from their home, this result wasn't bad at all for Nav, who's trying to get back on the winning way. Doncaster still have chances to be promoted, but for now Nav's main target will be getting a mid place in the 3rd Division.

Grimsby Town 0 x 0 Oxford United

The clash of giants! What a game this one was! After starting in fron, with a goal scored at the 15th minute, Neller's Grimbsy scored another one on the 53th, but they couldn't stop Fraser's strong attack, who wake up after suffering the second goal, and scored 2 in 3 minutes. Both teams are fighting for promotion to the 2nd division.

Reading 2 x 4 Stoke City

Teje's anility as managers shows that under his control, Stoke City can, and will, fight for a promotion to the 1st Division. Playing away, they have managed to beat the fierce Reading by 2 goals of difference on a match where Stoke were unstoppable.

Leicester City 2 x 0 Watford

Not a big surprise here. TIm's Watford couldn't do nothing to stop Leicester powerful attacks, and the result was as fair as it could be. Watford will try to win some points in their next game, and Tim, maybe, should try some variations of his favorite formation to see if the team plays better.

Preston North End 2 x 0 Tranmere Rovers

in a very close match, Kevin D's Tranmere tried, and tried, and tried, but Preston's defense always stopped their attacks. Ans, while attacking, Tranmere's fragile defense couldn't avoid Preston counter-attacks, that resulted in 2 goals for the home team.

Gillingham 0 x 4 Swindon Town

Byan's Swindon Town didn't ahve any problems to beat Gillingham, and they did it with class. A victory that maintains Bryans hopes to get a promotion.

Walsall 0 x 4 Cheltenham Town

Finally a good result for Lee! Since is first game in control of Cheltenham, this 4-0 victory was just what Lee neeed to prove his ability as manager, that, hopelfully, will help him to take Cheltenham to the 3rd Division.

Great review Yuri,nearly give up on this setup but nice to see it is still alive and kicking:) :)

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Re: English Championship 3

New man at the Den


Millwall have appointed Swindon Town manager Bryan Adamson as their new manager. The 1st division side, who are rock bottom of division 1, will have Bryan in charge for their next game against Blackburn Rovers.

The new manager had this to say:

" It was a very tough decision that I had to make, stay at Swindon or come here to Millwall but I thought that coming to Millwall was the best thing for my career.

The club has some good players but is bottom of division 1 by about 6 points. It will be a tough job trying to keep the club in division 1 but I think it will be a battle we can win.

The club is not in the greatest shape financially but I think we have some quality players already within the club to do the job and keep us in division 1".

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Re: English Championship 3

The Queens Park Rangers News

Queen Park Rangers have Signed the super manager Grant Thame to help them in their fight for the win all matches with them and in the next season that will have lots of money then the manager will be going after good players on the game to get up into the First Division.

The QPR News is sponored by:

Honda and The Ultimate Fighting Championship

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Guest .кєσgн

Re: English Championship 3

Well ill take a look, ive offered 3 million and Jesusli for Martin Laursen, Good deal for them i think, i dont Like Jesusli but laursen will be good In Div 3

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Re: English Championship 3

Addicks Land German Ace


Charlton have been busy during the summer drawing up conclusions on what positions they need to strengthen.

The first and most important position to fill was a new goal keeper. last year out starting goal keeper was on loan from Liverpool, Foster played brilliantly for us last year but we need our own goal keeper who has bags of talent.

Whilst searching for one, Johnson stumbled across Neuer on the free agents list. Shocked at this discovery Johnson snapped up the Highly rated (90) keeper for 8.5 million. We could of got him cheaper though but its best to be safe than sorry.

Johnson also announced that Meira from Stuttgart will be joining Charlton for 12.65 million pounds. Charlton just beat WBA managed by Raz to his signature.

Johnson would like to ask if any manager has a 88+ center midfielder i could loan for the season ?

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Re: English Championship 3

Charlton re shape squad for new season !


Charlton manager Adam Johnson has been busy in the transfer market preparing his team for the long season ahead. Towards the end of last season Johnson's team paid for not having that extra little quality and depth in there squad. So immediately Johnson went about changing this.

Transfers in!

First to arrive was Neuer (90), surprisingly, he was found on the free agents list :eek: and joined Charlton for a great price of 8.5 million. The German stopper will be Charlton's first choice keeper, and is expected to play a huge role in the clubs future

Second to arrive was Portuguese International Fernando Meira from Stuttgart. Meira joined Charlton for a fee of 12.65 million pounds. he was hours away from moving to WBA but saw the light and came to London.

Micheal Carrick arrived along with Micheal Dawson + 15 million came in part exchange for wonderkid Diego. Although Diego was Charlton's best player Johnson had to sell him as it was for the good of the squad and general team. Micheal Carrick will replace Diego in midfield and Dawson will form partnerships with Meira(92) and Freidrich(90).

Pardo, also another signing from Stuttgart will join Charlton. His fee is rumoured to be around the 7.5 million mark. Pardo will jump straight into the slot of DM taking Smertins place.

Liedson is joining from Sporting ina fee believed to be about 9.5 million plus a player. Leidson will add some much need depth the striking department which relied so heavily on Aguero and tamundo. Aguero is expected to partner him upfront.

Transfer out !

Diego Ribas (93) was the first player to leave this season, it was a deal which Johnson simply could not refuse. Micheal Carrick (91) + Micheal Dawson (89) + 15 million.

Other players leaving the valley will be Spector and Perry both leaving in part exchange for Pardo and Liedson.

Charlton boss Johnson, said " we finished 10 last season, and this year we really want to be pushing for a top 8 finish. I fully believe that we are capable of mounting such a challenge."

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Re: English Championship 3

Manager Tom Pham(Account Name Michael Owen) signs a deal for Millwall. He says: Millwall have a good squad but the players are pretty old. I would love to sign a few youngsters. A few players will be set to go like Craig and Peeters. Cambiasso, Cicinho, and all 90s and above will be staying except for Nikopolidis if there is a good bid. We need a LB, a few Midfielders in every position and also a F with the rating higher than 87.

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Re: English Championship 3

Leicester 2-0 Millwall

Tom's Millwall loses to Allen's Leicester. Manager Tom says: I am not please with the result at The Walkers Stadium. We could have scored but Yann Laucher and Darren Bent were too excellent with the chances. Leicester was the better side and deserved to win. Good effort Millwall.

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Re: English Championship 3

Boston Update:

All has been quiet on the Boston front lately. Mainly because the news has been so bad to post about.

From the midpoint of last season, the season completely tailed away and ended with a poor mid table finish.

Since then, the squad has been cut down to 16 players with 2 retiring.

Now, we are out of debt, and have 621k.

Drew first game 2-2, won 2nd 4-3.

Injuries and suspensions hit? We're screwed as I still don't want to buy players with the squad wages still taking off money each week.

What happens in the next week? I don't want to know :rolleyes:

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