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Going into the Cup Final

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With a combination of picking my battles a bit (taking risks resting starters for cup matches) and some good fortune (4-2 on penalties over Real Madrid), my Div 2 Werder Bremen side finds itself in the Cup Final, coming up on the 17th.

While I don't have many superstars, I have good depth and a number of 89/88 players who post 7+ Ave Performance; my starting lineup is thus in frequent rotation but in general, looks like this:




------------------Di Natale(93)-------------------



- Mikel (90) CM/DM

- Andre Dias (89) CB

- Camara (89) CB

- Coutadeur (88) CM/DM

- Wiltord (88) F

My tactics are using playmaker/targetman, men behind ball, counter attack.

My mentalities are attacking, direct passing, through the middle.

My predicament is that I am against a team that plays similarly to me, only with far better players. They also play a 3-4-1-2 attacking, only with a 94 average rating and the likes of Messi, Totti, Klose, Juninho, Essien, Sneijder, etc. running their attack. They use attacking mentality, playmaker/targetman, tight marking, and pressing all over.

Should I simply ignore the mirrored tactics and run what my team does best, or is there value in trying to change my formation or mentalities... introducing Mikel for Lavezzi or Farfan (actually playing worse than Lavezzi) and running a 3-5-2, for example?

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