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Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

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This is the place to post all the news about your club in The Forumers Twenty20 setup.


The Clubs and there manager

George ECFC = Zaragoza

Armand_Mufc = Manchester United

Watlw = FC Porto

BenReado = Werder Breman

Ahmed = Juventus

Alan Crazy Bones Neller = Arsenal

Arsenal 123 = Barcelona

Nathan Kirby = VFB Stuttgart

Tom_WBA = Milan

Austin = Athletico Madrid

REDDEVILFC = Tottenham

Gazza Thomas = Valencia

Sonofpluto = Sevilla

TomOwen = Liverpool

Sparky = Real Madrid

Tom_MFC = Inter Milan

Rishabh Desai = Lyon

Neller = Bayern Munich

sheva20 = Roma

Liam-LUFC = Chelsea

Reserve List


Tudor 08

Toggs Thomas


Mad Leprechaun


There will be no buying from unmanaged clubs.

Buying from unavailable clubs is allowed.

Point Scoring

Winning a league game. +5

Drawing a league game. +1

Losing a league game. -3

Winning a cup game. +3

Losing a cup game. -2

Scoring a hat trick. +4

Scoring a goal. +0.5

Winning a game by 3 or more goals. +3

Losing a game by 3 or more goals. -3

Conceding 5 or more goals. -3

Scoring 5 or more goals. +2

Getting promoted. +10

Getting relegated. -8

Winning a division. +20

Winning the cup. +20

Runner up in the cup. +8

Red card. -5

5 or more yellow cards in a game. -5

The whole group wins in a night of league games. +12

Player rating increase of 4-7. +2

Player rating increase of 8-39. +5

The Groups

Team 1



Bayern Munich


Team 2

FC Porto

Real Madrid


Manchester United

Team 3

Inter Milan

Athletico Madrid



Team 4



Werder Breman


Team 5



VFB Stuttgart


Team Captains

Team 1, Captain - Arsenal 123

Team 1, Vice Captain - Neller

Team 2, Captain - Sparky

Team 2, Vice Captain - Watlw

Team 3, Captain - Tom_MFC

Team 3, Vice Captain - Alan Crazy Bones Neller

Team 4, Captain - GeorgeECFC

Team 4, Vice Captain - BenReado

Team 5, Captain - TomOwen

Team 5, Vice Captain - Nathan Kirby

If i have missed any thing off of this post or you want something added then please let me know via PM. As i will update this post when ever anything happens to keep everyone aware of setup going ons. And the team scoring table will be done in a separate thread. ;)

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread



Madrid Re-appoint Sparky

Spanish champions Real Madrid have brought back experienced manager Sparky back to the Bernabéu. The manager spent two years with the club after moving onto another job, but Los Merengues chairman Ramon Calderon said that things weren't the same without Sparky;

"Ahmed is highly experienced, he won us the title last time and I hope he does the same again. The fans love him and the players know how he works, I think that it is a great decision to bring him back."


Calderon Backs Decision

Sparky later told RealMadrid TV;

"It's great to be back, I also think I've made the right decision. The fans are still passionate and the players are raring to go! I can't wait to get things started."

Transfer News

Los Merengues have already revealed that they will not be jumping into the transfer market. Boss Sparky wants to keep the team gelled together and has stated that he will shortlist some players, and will only bid for one or two players, and if any of their shortlisted players are bid for.

However, They have transfer listed some players. Among these players include the likes of Michel Salgado, Jose Guti, Javier Saviola and Roberto Soldado. These players may also be used to bring in new talent.

More News To Follow

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread



Stevie Barnes takes over at Inter!

It was announced earlier today that Stevie Barnes will take over Italian giants Internazionale. Inters former manager Roberto Mancini was sacked, after Inter failed to reach the quarter finals of the Champions League with a loss to Liverpool. Roberto Mancini stepped down, and Stevie was first on Inters list to be there new manager.

Mancini Spoke at a press conference, moments after he was sacked.


I have loved this job, and i personally cant believe i have been sacked. I have done well with the club and i do not find it fair that i have been sacked. I wish Stevie Barnes well, and i hope he will achieve big things with Inter, so good luck to him.

Barnes comments on being handed the job

What can i say. Inter are a huge club and have proven that with the amount of titles they have won. They have some top class players and i feel i can win trophies with the club. There are a few key players in the team although every single player is important to the clubs success. I have an eye on every competition, and i will try and win them all!

Materazzi hates Stevie!!!

Marco Materazzi comments on how he feels about Stevie

I cant believe he has been handed the job! I hate him and he killed my father! Stevie is a real idiot and i feel that we should murder him. Stevie paid Zidane 10 million pounds to headbutt me in the world cup final, and i tell you, he has it in for me!! We need to destroy Stevie before it is too late!!!!!!

Stevie has decided not to sell Materazzi as a punishment!!!!!

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread




After firing previous manager Alain Perrin Lyon have finally decided upon a new manager to head the club. After a lot of thinking they have finall decided upon placing manager Rishabh Desai at the helm of Lyon.


(Lyon chairman Jean-Michel Aulas)

Rishabh is a great manager and has achieved great things. I am sure he will be able to do great things with Lyon as well. We hope to see a lot of new faces this season at the club. We have full faith in him and we are sure he will do our club proud !!!

This is what magaer Rishabh Desai had to say at his first press confrence:"Well it feels really good be be at the helm of such a big club. Lyon are a huge club. Lagre fan support. Great players and now a great manager as well lol !!! There is no reason as to why we can't do well this season."



1. Get out of the cup as soon as possible so that we can concentrate on the league lol :P. Joking. Just wanna have a good cup run and try reaching the quaters.

2. Do well in the league and finish in a good position. Hopefully get promotion.

3. Be active in the transfer market and buy a number of quality players.

Transfer news

Players not for sale

Karim Benzema


(No reason to leave)

I am very happy at the club. Our new manager Rishabh is greatand so our are fans and players. I believe we can achieve great things together and that is why i want to stay in this club for a long time to come.

Ben Arfa


(Happy to stay)

I am very happy at the club. Have everything that i want' date=' family, friends, girls and of course great team mates. I am now going to concentrate and do my best to help my club achieve great things this season.[/b']

Gregory Coupet


(The captian will stay and continue to serve his club !!!)

Well i am happy here. Manage rRishabh has told me that i will be captain of the squad and it is really an honour to continue to be captain. I love this club' date=' the staff are great and soo are the fans and players. I wish to end my career in this club and no other.[/color']

More news later


P.S. My name on this id is Luis Black :D

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Atletico Madrid appoint new manager!!



A.Madrid today moved quickly to seal the signature of veteran manager Austin.

The chairman said he wasdelighted to have such a manager in his club, and knew that he would lead them to success.

Austin received a transfer kitty of 25.7m, and wasn't quiet about spending it.

He moved quickly to secure the signatures of 4 experienced players.

Di natalie arrived for ok plus Reyes and Castro

Mutu came for 2.0 plus seitardis and Cleber

third in was R.Carlos, for 2.0m andFalcon

And lastly was jaaskelainen,coming in for 0k plus Abbiati.

Austin was delighted with these transfers, and will gladly continue to shape up this team.

He has gotten in contact with Rishbh Desai over Juninho, and a figure has been almost mutually agreed.

Austin knows he can lead his team to sucess, and hopes he has the fans support behind him.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

New Man at the Olimpico


After the unexpected resignation of Luciano Speletti, there were many candidates to take on after him. The Roma chairman, Franco Sensi, decided to choose Sheva and expects him to do great things at the club.


Luciano Spalletti bids adieu

My time at the club is up now and i hand the baton onto sheva and hope that he can carry on to build on the club that i had devoted my life to. I wish him all the best with the club and hope he will enjoy his job as much as i did.
There were a few candidates for the job and after careful consideration i decided that it should be no other than Sheva. He has has great success with other clubs that he has worked with and lets hope he can bring his magic here' date=' at the Olimpico. We are expecting a new era from this man after losing one of our all time greats.[/quote']
Its a privelege working with such a club and although i am taking after one of the greats' date=' i dont feel much pressure as i know that i am capable of doing well here. This is a new challenge for me and im excited to see what the future holds for me at this prestigous club. Its an honour working with the people here.[/quote']

Sheva said that he is hoping for a good cup run but wont be too disappointing if they are knocked out as he believes this will give him an opppurtunity to focus on the league and perhaps get promotion. He promised the fans that they will see new faces at the club before the first game and is already working hard to bring in new players to the club.

Sheva had announced that the following players would be staying put at the club:

Francesco Totti


The captain intends to finish his career at Roma

Daniele De Rossi


He is important to the club and has no intentions of leaving.

Alberto Aquilani


No reason to leave

Transfer News will follow tomorrow.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Barcelona News



New man at the Camp Nou

Sam Pooley, or better known as Arsenal 123 has taken over at Barcelona. This has happened because the Barcelona chairman and the previous manager Franklin Edmundo Rijkaard had a big fall out about the transfer budget. Rijkaard wanted more but the chairman who is called Juan Laporta was sticking by his guns and it ended up in the sacking of manager Franklin Rijkaard. All of this happened around 5:30am. And it took a total of 3 hours for Barcelona to find a new man and that is Sam Pooley. Sam Pooley had this to say "I am very pleased to take over such a big club and in my eyes the best club in the world. I am looking to be very busy in the transfer budget and have revealed a few of the players on my shortlist below."

Transfer Targets

New manager Sam Pooley has already said he wants to mold the squad into one that suits him. And here are some of the players he has tagged as shortlisted.


(Manager Sam Pooley has said that his number 1 target is the Italy goalkeeper Buffon.)


(After hearing Drogba may be unsecure at Chelsea Sam Pooley has declared interest in the forward.)

They Have got to go

As well as buying new players Sam Pooley is also looking to shift out some players that don't fit into his plans. And here are some of those players.


(Abidal was disgusted at how previous manager Franklin Rijkaard was treated and because of that wants to leave the club.)


(Zambrotta is happy at the club but simply doesn't fit into Sam Pooley's plans.)


(Krkic Pérez Bojan is not going to leave the club but is available for loan, to any club.)

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread


New gaffer at the bridge.

Carnage was left brewing last night as Chelsea boss Avram Grant was sensationally sacked, only to be replaced by an unknown manager.

Liam Hemingway, of Leeds was managing Real Betis before he big chance at English rebels Chelsea opened up.

Whena asked who he felt about his job, he had this to say;

"I've had an excellent time at Betis, it's taught me alot about the beautiful game, and we have achieved pretty good things for a team that was struggling before i arrived, I think that now it's time for a bigger challenge, at a bigger team; Chelsea fits with what i want perfectly."

He also told us his some of his idea's for the club.

Transfer Targets. (Youth)

Marko Marin.


The German under-21 international is the first youth transfer target of Liam Hemingways reign, he is known as the next Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Transfer Targets (1st Team.)

Philip Lahm.


He will be a transfer target for a lot of clubs. But Liam wants him purely for the fact that he see's chelsea left back Ashley Cole as a bad role model who is bringing shame to the club by cheating on pop star wife Cheryl Cole. Lahm is a quality player who can play in the left back position or the right back position.

Daniel De Rossi.


As we understand it, Chelsea are also looking for a decent defensive midfielder.

Transfer Listed.

He also confirmed that many of the clubs players are open to transfer, but for some, it will take a lot for them to be drawn away from the club.

So, there you have it, the very latest Chelsea news.

Be sure to check back later to make sure you're up to date!

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread



Madrid Aim For Youth!!!

Los Merengues have revealed that their main transfers will be just youth this season. Real Madrid boss Sparky revealed; "We have great first team players, now I want to improve the youth in the club, we have made several bids and we hope to unveil them tomorrow."

Meanwhile, Gabriel Heinze, Jose Mari Guti, Roberto Soldado and Javier Saviola have all been transfer listed. The players are not needed any more and have been listed for reasonable price.

Arjen Robben has also revealed his frustraion and handed in a transfer request. The former Chelsea winger told RealMadrid TV; "I don't like it here anymore, I know things haven't changed much but my feelings towards the club and playing for them have."


Hands In Transfer Request

Arjen Robben is available, however, reasonable prices only.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Sam Pooley's pre-season league Prediction

Division 1

1st - Liverpool - They have a very good squad in depth and also have a great manager in Tom at the relm. I am predicting they will win the tittle as well as having a good cup run.

2nd - Barcelona - The best squad in the game should be enough to see any manager do resonably well and the current manager Sam Pooley is experianced enough to get the best out of his players.

3rd - Milan - Milan have an old but still very able squad and will be competing for the tittle this year. Although unless any signings are made there attacking firepower could let them down.

4th - Werder Breman - I am expecting Breman to do well simply because of who is in charge of them. Ben has proven his worth in setups like European Nation and will do it once again in this setup.

5th - Sevilla - Werder Breman and Sevilla will be contesting for the 4th spot tightly. While Sevilla also have a great manager i think there lack of players will let them down, as they only have 20.

6th - Zaragoza - They have a very experianced man in charge and George will get the best out of his players. Although they could do with strengthening the defense by getting a 90+ CB and G.

7th - FC Porto - I imagine Porto will be able to stay up because of there presence down the wings with Gonzalez and Quaresma. This will get them goals and enough to avoid the drop.

8th - Athletico Madrid - Austin knows his way around the dressing room and will now how to get the best possible out of his players and although i don't think the best will be good enough. And they will just slip into the relegation zone.

9th - Tottenham - They have a very good attacking side but very little in defensive qualities. They will need to strengthen there defense up if they have any hope of avoiding the drop.

10th - VFB Stuttgart - While they are managed by a very capable manager i don't believe they have enough quality to stay up. Nathan will have to work wonders if they are too avoid the drop.

I will do division 2 later. ;)

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

7th - FC Porto - I imagine Porto will be able to stay up because of there presence down the wings with Gonzalez and Quaresma. This will get them goals and enough to avoid the drop.

You might have forgotten the most important part of Porto :eek:

The Manager!!! :P

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread


Earlier on this morning, GeorgeECFC was appointed as the new manager of Zaragoza.

The job will obviously be a tough one, with it maybe being one of the hardest after Nathan's Stuttgart.

Straight away he shocked fans and even the chairman, as he declared that Diego Milito and Pablo Aimar would be for sale, along with the rest of the side.

However, it is likely they will play some part in tomorrow's season opener, at home to Son of Pluto's Sevilla.

The pair have been transfer listed, Milito at the price of £22 million and Aimar £20 million. Zaragoza would like to make it clear that either straight cash or players under the age of 25 will be accepted, with the prices the minimum for cash only.


The shake up of the squad is likely to see the likes of Ricardo Oliveira, Roberto Ayala, Carlos Diogo and Peter Luccin move out as well.

In fact, the only player who has a future at the club is Alberto Zapater, although a high bid would be considered.

6 bids have currently been put in, with many more targets shortlisted.

Meanwhile, George has been made captain of Group 4, and he had this to say: " I'm delighted to be made captain, and we have a great vice in Ben. We're probably the weakest group in the setup team wise, but as far as I'm concerned, that means nothing. We will be trying our best, and as long as we do, we will have success. "

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread


FC Porto News

FC Porto have today announced the appointment of "Wondermaker" WATLW, as their new manager.

"I just couldn't resist to take over the vacated Manager Spot at Porto and I'm here to bring them success. Porto has already been predicted as relegationbattler, but I will prove those predictions wrong. Our Target will be the Top4 of the table!

Players NOT for sale:

Lisandro Lopez

Ricardo Quaresma

Jose Raul Meireles

Luis Gonzalez

Jose Bosingwa

Transfer Budget: 25 Million

Main Transfer Targets:

none of your business :P

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Roma reveal interest in Zapater


The Roma manager has revealed his interest in Spanish and Zaragoza midfielder Alberto Zapater.

Sheva had the following to say;

He is a good player and he would be a great addition to the team. He fits the bill as Sheva goes shopping for a "hard tackling" midfielder and Zapater seems ideal. Everyone here would be delighted if he signs for us. Sheva has announced that the bid has gone in as he awaits a response from Sir George of Zaragoza

It is rumoured that David Pizarro may go the other way if the deal gets accepted.

Sheva had the following to say about him;

He is no doubt a fantastic player, but not exactly the player we need at the club at this moment in time. He is a more offensive minded player and we need a hard tackling holding player. He has great vision and fantastic passing ability but sacrifices have to be made.


Zapater- A future at Roma?

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Sam Pooley's pre-season Predictions

Division 2

1st - Real Madrid - Under the management of Sparky, Real will win the tittle. They have a great manager and just as good a squad. And those two are a mix for success.

2nd - Manchester United - Under the management of a rather experianced Armand they will be looking for the tittle but in the end will probably have to settle for a promotion spot.

3rd - Inter Milan - Inter Milan are currently managerless but if Stevie does turn up they will achieve that all important 3rd spot and seal promotion into division 1.

4th - Bayern Munich - Bayern have a very good squad and will achieve some success what ever but at the moment they have no manager and the question on everyones lips is, where is Neller?

5th - Arsenal - Like Bayern Arsenal are also unmanaged by a Neller but this time the old one. Alan will make the club succed but without him, they could be in trouble.

6th - Roma - Roma are under the management of an unexperianced manager in sheva20 although he will poor his heart and soul into the job and will reak the rewards with an average looking squad.

7th - Chelsea - Under the management of a very experianced Liam Chelsea will be looking to do well but there lack of unity within the squad will cost them and because of that they will struggle.

8th - Juventus - Ahmed is the manager in Italy and doesn't have the squad that the likes of Manchester United do. He will struggle this year but his scouting skills will help him in the years to come.

9th - Valencia - Valencia have a good squad but just not good enough to push for a promotion spot in this very tough league. They will start well enough but fail come the end of the season.

10th - Lyon - If Lyon were in division 1 they would be looking at a top 4 finish but the draw has made it be that division 2 is incredibly tough. And the French champions will end up with the wooden spoon.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread


After earlier today hitting out a sign of admiration of the setup, Tom replies "who knows" to a shock job in Arsenal or Munich. "They are two huge clubs, huge expectations and I'd love to work at either club," "They're both very expectant, I like to work amongst expectant players, backroom staff and a very friendly chairman," Tom said with a huge smile today.

"But the one problem is, they're due a manager, who could join this second, tomorrow, never?," "If the answer is never, I'll be in discussions with both clubs no doubt, or even any other jobs that comes flying, ill be in lengthy discussions,"

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread



Sparky Relishes League Encounter

After being tipped to win division 2, Sparky told RealMadrid TV that he simply cannot wait for the season to get underway; "I believe we are ready, it doesn't matter if we make transfers or not. I believe we are ready."

Sparky has also said that Dutch striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy will be their main player this season. The Dutch striker joined in 2006 for £15,000,000 and has lived up to his price tag. The striker revealed his ambitions to finish his career at the Bernabeu; "I love it here. I feel wanted and respected. The fans are great and the manager told me that I have a future here in Spain."


Van Nistelrooy Staying In Spain

Madrid Accept Bid For Guti

Los Merengues have also accepted a £10,000,000 bid for Spanish playmaker Jose Maria Guti. The midfielder was transfer listed straight away after the new boss's appointment, and will now head to Italy for a medical.

Boss Sparky was pleased that a bid was made quickly; "Guti's services to the club are no longer needed. He has been very loyal player and has given us great things. We now feel that other clubs can benefit from his attributes."


Guti Heading To Italy?

Ben Arfa Interest Revealed

Los Blancos have also revealed their interest in French winger Hatem Ben Arfa, The whites revealed that they were not going to jump into the transfer market for first team players, and therefore may take a while to actually make a formal bid.

The club however revealed that they were interested in the winger since a very long time. A Real Madrid spokesperson said; "The club have kept tabs on the young winger, he has impressed the club. Real Madrid may go for the young winger."


Los Merengues Reveal Interest

Real Madrid get their season underway against Gazza Thomas' Valencia. Real Madrid would b wanting to take all three points, but Valencia look strong and will give a good fight.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread


The most successful team in the history of Italian football , Juventus , have decided to terminate their contract with current head coach Claudio Ranieri. Ranieri who joined the club from Parma failed to impress the club's prsident Giovanni Cobolli .story.juvepres.gi.jpgJuventus-FC.png220px-Claudio_Ranieri.jpg

A British newspaper most surprisingly published the news instead of an Italian one as the club decided to keep it a secret for the mean time.

Riots and hooligans disrupted life in Turin as the fans of the club were in a state of shock.


Juventus chairman , Giovanni Cobolli assured the fans that a new manager has been acquired and will be unveiled later in the day. He also said that the manager has signed a few players which he will bring along.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread


The Stadio Olimpico di Torino was filled to the brim as the faithful fans were anxious to know their next leader.

Ahmed Moughrabi is the next manager of La Vecchia Signora.

A contract between the two parties was signed as Ahmed is destined to stay with the club till 2012.

The new manager took the pitch to exhibit his ball silky skills as the fans were delighted and knew their new leader will provide attacking play and flair to their game.

He then returned to the balcony to say a word to the fans.

Giovanni Cobolli : Sei il benvenuto !

Ahmed : Thank you very much . It is a great pleasure to control the affairs of such a mighty club. I won't promise the fans anything but will assure them that we'll play like champions.

The Stadio Olimpico di Torino erupted with flairs and fireworks signaling the fans are behind their new manager.

A press conference later on highlighted Ahmed's plans with the club.

Ahmed: I am really disappointed with the club's youth system. Out of a squad of 25 , none of the players were 21 years or below which is very bad.

My best signing has been Guti. I watched him closely and we need a player like him who can give the final pass.

The new youngsters in the club are -:

Dirk Marcellis - An established defender for PSV and a Holland u-21 international.

Ahmed's comments: I really like this lad as he is versatile. He'll break into the first team soon and I see him as a Holland international in a couple of years.


Nordin Amrabat and Sebastian Giovinco also came along . The coach has decided to let these two players spend some time with the club's youth before breaking into the first team.

Other youth additions were Sebastián Sosa , Oleh Doplika , Mark Beevers , Jonathon Grounds , Ruud Vormer and Filip Djordjevic . they are expected to train with the youth team.

Juventus will open their season account with an all Italian game against A.S Roma.

Ahmed is optimistic as he's had less time to train and know his players.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread



Liverpool News

Liverpool Appoint Pham

After sacking Spanish manager Rafael Benitez, Tom Hicks and George Gillett have made another bizarre decision to appoint Pham as the new manager at Anfield. Although Pham is still young and in-experienced, the fans said that they will wait to see how things go on and have full support on him.

Pham said at the press conference: "It is amazing to manage such a great club in such a great setup along with the best managers in the world like Mitu Ahmed and Sam Pooley as well as Olivier Branck. I have supporter Liverpool for a long time and this is my chance to prove that Liverpool is the greatest club in the world."

Gerrard Paid Most In The World

After offering Steven Gerrard a new contract, Steven Gerrard is now payed $201,760 a week, more than John Terry and Frank Lampard. Steven Gerrard was very excited about this and he told LFCTV: "It is a big surprise to be offered the most money in the world, but I don't play for money, I play for my team. Although I do earn a lot, I will still play football from my heart"


((The captain is payed most in the world))

Babel, Carragher, Reina Pledge Future To Liverpool

After Steven Gerrard signed a new five year deal with the club, Ryan Babel, Jamie Carragher and Jose Pepe Reina all sign a new deal with Liverpool, keeping them at the club until 2013.

They were all very happy with the new contracts and all want to stay at Anfield as long as possible and the vice-captain Jamie Carragher said: "I am happy to stay at the club for five more years. I will retire at the club. it is also a very good thing to see Ryan (Babel) and Jose (Reina) stay at Anfield."


((Ryan Babel smiles happily at the press conference after signing a new five year deal worthed $44,000 a week))


((Jamie Carragher wants to retire at the club))


((Keeper Jose Reina is a very big part of the team))

Xabi Alonso Available

Tom Pham has put Xabi Alonso on the transfer list after Alonso failed to turn up for the flight to Milan with his team. Pham said: "Although Alonso is a great player, and we love him all, there are punishments for not following club rules. Of course he can stay for the time being, but a price tag of 30M has been put onto him."

Interest from Madrid has been shown on Xabi Alonso and a mouth bid from Austin for a fee of 15M & Cleber Santana & Christian Abbiati was made and all Pham said was that it was a joke.


((Xabi Alonso is likely to move out of Anfield very soon))

Michael Owen Return?

A question has been asked at Liverpool. Will one-day superstar Michael Owen return to Anfield leaving behind sad days at Newcastle United? Michael Owen, 28, has been offered interest from Liverpool, but both Newcastle and Liverpool deny any offers have been made for the striker.

Michael Owen says about his chances to come back to Anfield: "It will definitely be great to be back at Anfield, where I first played football. Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher are still there. I would love to have a chance to partner Fernando Torres up front."

Hicks and Gillett Moving Out?

Rumors have spread that Tom Hicks and George Gillett are willing to sell the club to someone soon, for a price totalling $800,000,000 reports say. Fans have been very excited about this and hope that Hicks and Gillett will sell the club as soon as possible.


((The Americans are moving out of Anfield))

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread



Transfers IN

Antonio Di Natale

Was bought for £2.3M & César DELGADO & Frederic ROUX



Sono realmente felice di venire ad un tal bigclub. Farò il mio la cosa migliore ed aiuterò il randello in ogni senso che posso. Il responsabile è grande e così nostro i giocatori. Spero che realmente scaturiamo questa stagione.


I am really happy to come to such a bigclub. I will do my best and help the club in every way that i can. The manager is great and so our the players. I hope that we do really well this season.

Luis García Fernández

Was bought for £12.0M



Pozo no estoy garantizado un lugar en los 11 que comienzan sino que seré paciente y espera para que mi ocasión juegue. Haré la cosa de evry que yo lata para ayudar a este club.


Well i am not guaranteed a place in the starting 11 but i will be patient and wait for my chance to play. I will do evry thing that i can to help this club.

Marcelo Bordon

Was bought in excange for Marques Cris


I am glad to be here. Lyon are a very big club and i willadapt to the playing style of the club well. IManager Rishabh has told me that i ill get a placin the starting 11 and that pleases me greatly.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

FC Porto News

WATLW has today announced the signing of Argentinian Superstar Juan Roman Riquelme


"I'm happy to have joined a club with so much Tradition and I'm looking forward to lead Porto to success."

Other Important Signings were:

Roberto "Pato" Abbondanzieri


He'll become 1st GK straight away.

Daniel Gonzalez Guiza



WATLW was said to be interested in loaning Fernando Gago of Real Madrid and is just waiting for response. As both Managers are playing on the same team, Porto stand a good chance of receiving an acception.

Next Match

FC Porto vs. Liverpool

Porto will be looking to start off the season with a win over Liverpool and position themselves in the Top4 from the beginning.

Possible Starting XI:



Pedro Manuel

Bruno Alves


Lucho Gonzalez






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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread


Hours to the first league game of the season , coach Ahmed Moughrabi revealed his policy to implement it to the club.

The coach declared that offers for any player of his squad could be taken into consideration.

Ahmed doesn't depend on star players but rather teamwork , so the services of star players aren't guaranteed.

Gianluigi Buffon , David Trezeguet and Vincenzo Iaquinta are all rumuored to be ready to listen to offers from other clubs.


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