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Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

after being aproached by the owner of the setup, josh dagnall today reveilled his interest to join the setup

'i am very pleased to have been selected by the owner to join and i think i just might'

josh has his eyes set on the unmanaged sides:




no confirmation has yet been mad which one he will go for or if he is even in the setup yet.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Barcelona Transfer News


Sam Pooley and his title winning Barcelona side are looking to strengthen there weak area and that is the wings. Sam believes the two players below will sort out that problem and also score a handful of goals along the way.


(Sam Pooley has his eye on both Simao as well as Joe Cole.)

Although he is also looking to lose one player from his previous squad as well and that is his goalscoring forward Samuel Eto'o. The reason for this is simply because Barcelona have to many forwards and Eto'o is the unlucky one.


(Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o is available for transfer.)

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Sam Pooley's pre-season Predictions

Division 2

1st - Real Madrid - Under the management of Sparky' date=' Real will win the tittle. They have a great manager and just as good a squad. And those two are a mix for success.[/color']

2nd - Manchester United - Under the management of a rather experianced Armand they will be looking for the tittle but in the end will probably have to settle for a promotion spot.

3rd - Inter Milan - Inter Milan are currently managerless but if Stevie does turn up they will achieve that all important 3rd spot and seal promotion into division 1.

4th - Bayern Munich - Bayern have a very good squad and will achieve some success what ever but at the moment they have no manager and the question on everyones lips is, where is Neller?

5th - Arsenal - Like Bayern Arsenal are also unmanaged by a Neller but this time the old one. Alan will make the club succed but without him, they could be in trouble.

6th - Roma - Roma are under the management of an unexperianced manager in sheva20 although he will poor his heart and soul into the job and will reak the rewards with an average looking squad.

7th - Chelsea - Under the management of a very experianced Liam Chelsea will be looking to do well but there lack of unity within the squad will cost them and because of that they will struggle.

8th - Juventus - Ahmed is the manager in Italy and doesn't have the squad that the likes of Manchester United do. He will struggle this year but his scouting skills will help him in the years to come.

9th - Valencia - Valencia have a good squad but just not good enough to push for a promotion spot in this very tough league. They will start well enough but fail come the end of the season.

10th - Lyon - If Lyon were in division 1 they would be looking at a top 4 finish but the draw has made it be that division 2 is incredibly tough. And the French champions will end up with the wooden spoon.

Those are the top 3. Me personally i was out to prove you wrong after you made that post:p ;) . The "average looking squad with the inexperienced manager" almost won the title:p :D:eek:. I did kinda pour my heart and soul so you were right on that one;)

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Inter Ready For Milan Derby


New Inter Milan boss, Ryan Brown, as been preparing for the new season by trying to strengthen his squad. He is rumored to have made a bid of Luiz Figo and Cristian Chivu for Barcelona's Thierry Henry.


He is also interested in Roma's Daniele Di Rossi but Roma's manager Sheva20 doesn't want to sell one of his favorites.


Despite the rumors Brown has only made one change to the team, he has change from a 4-4-2 formation to a 4-2-2-2.

Most are predicting that if Inter sign either of the players there interested in, that they will be amongst the favorites for promotion the Division 1 next year.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Those are the top 3. Me personally i was out to prove you wrong after you made that post:p ;) . The "average looking squad with the inexperienced manager" almost won the title:p :D:eek:. I did kinda pour my heart and soul so you were right on that one;)

Thats true lol

My squad isn't better than Manchester United but I also managed to beat them and get promoted:D:D:D

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Sam Pooley's Pre Season Predictions

Division 1

1st - Barcelona - Sam Pooley did a great job last year winning the league by a massive 9 points. Although there is tougher competition this year i can once again see the best squad winning and one of the best managers winning the league.

2nd - Chelsea - In my opinion last years division 2 winners will fair well in the top league of the setup. If anything this division is currently easier than division 2 and i think Chelsea under there new manager SOP will show this finishing second.

3rd - Liverpool - Last year Liverpool, under the management of Tom Pham ended up finishing second and they will once again challenge for the title but will fall short because of the force of Arsenal 123 and SOP.

4th - Roma - I underestimated Sheva20 and his Roma side last season but this year i am not, i think that the title will be between Roma and the three above but Roma will fall short because of lack of quality.

5th - Tottenham Hotspur - Tottenham are currently unmanaged but could well be taken by Josh, i feel that they will stay clearly away from the relegation battle and finish in a solid middle of the table position.

6th - Juventus - Juventus under the manager of Ahmed got themselves promoted last season but this year i believe they will struggle, lack of quality will save them from relegation... but nothing more.

7th - Atlético Madrid - The Spanish side, managed by Austin will struggle this season, unlike the last. Competition is harder this season and in my opinion there league position will show this, just staying away from relegation.

8th - FC Porto - In my opinion Watlw will really struggle the season. Like last season i think he will start poor but then not get better and end up fighting in a relegation battle, but not winning it.

9th - Werder Bremen - Last season Liam managed to get Chelsea promoted but his task is a harder one this season and he will not achieve success with his new club but will be in the relegation battle till the final day.

10th - VFB Stuttgart - VFB managed to get them self a manager pre season for the first time in a while and that man is Daniel. While he is a good manager i can only see VFB finishing last with no hope from mid season onwards.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread



On Sunday, an awards night was held at Le Méridien Lingotto to signify Juventus' best players of the previous season.

Over 135,000 fans all over the world took part in the poll. Former club legend Roberto Baggio presented the awards to the players.

Player of the Year

Alessandro Del Piero

Top Goalscorer

Alessandro Del Piero(7)

King of Assists

Alessandro Del Piero(6)

Young Player of the Year

Giorgio Chiellini

Goal of the Season

Tiago Cardoso vs Chelsea


The Italian goalkeeper was allegedly fined $10,000 by the management after being spotted sleeping during a league game last season. Juventus went on to win that game(3-0).


The cameraman took full advantage of the scene


Reporter: Hello

Buffon: Ciao

Reporter: You'll now play in Division 1.

Buffon: Yes, we deserve it. It was hard playing in Division 2 after winning the world cup.

Reporter: Is it true that you slept in a match last season?

Buffon: [Laughs] Not really, it was just a short nap. The opposition's strikers were ineffective and my defence was alert so I decided to rest.

Reporter: What are your thoughts on Europe's top club's interested in you?

Buffon: I'm proud of that. It's an honour but I'm happy at Juventus and would like to end my career here.

Reporter: Good luck for the upcoming season.

Buffon: Grazie.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Sam Pooley's Pre Season Predictions

Division 2

1st - Real Madrid - Although i tipped them to win the title last year as well i feel this year they have a bigger chance. The competition is less fierce and Sparky and his players will be much more determined this time around.

2nd - Man United - Like Real they underachieved last season but this time is sure to be different under the management of ex Milan boss Louis. Louis guided Milan to cup success and will be hopping to do the double with United.

3rd - Bayern Munchen - The German giants were took over late last season by a great manager by the name of Dai or Welshman as he is more commonly known. Anyway i can most definitely see Dai guiding the club to a promotion.

4th - Arsenal - In my opinion Arsenal will start off as a title contending side but at the half way point start to lose ground on the leaders, and then finally falling out of the promotion spots to the heartbreak of manager Alan.

5th - Sevilla - Sevilla are under the new manager of Omer Kahn, he is yet to have a game with them yet but he is destined for big things with in this setup. Although this season will be a building block for the ones that follow.

6th - Valencia - Valencia are currently unmanaged but i think they will fare well in division 2 with or with out a manager. But if a good manager does come in and take charge, a promotion spot might be up for grabs.

7th - Internazionale - While the Italian giants have a great squad, a great manager and a great fanbase i just don't see them doing very well this season. For me they will be the downer of the season, finishing very low.

8th - Milan - Milan are under the new management of Gazza Thomas and although he will bring fresh life into the club i believe the players are still down from being relegated last season, this will be evident in there final league position.

9th - Lyon - For me the French champions are just simply not good enough to compete against the best. It isn't because of there manager as i believe he is great but i just don't think there squad is good enough.

10th - Zaragoza - I have to say that if Luke Tudor is able to even get this club into the top 8 i will give him a round of applause. For me the worst squad in the division so i can see them ending with the wooden spoon.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread


VFB Stuttgart bring in new manager

Yesterday it was announced that Daniel Murphy would take over as the new manager at VFB Stuttgart.Stuttgart have been without a manager for sometime but the new manager is keen on staying here for the long term.

VFB Stuttgart who finished fifth last season are favourites to be relegated and finish bottom but the new manager has slammed them claims.There has already been some transfer activity already under the new manager.Two players signed for Stuttgart and these players are both right backs.One of the players is English international Glen Johnson and an old face in Andreas Hinkel signed.This leaves Stuttgart with a transfer budget of £22m and they are looking for a left back,striker and a winger or two.


The two new faces in Stuttgart

We caught up with the new manager and here is what he said.

I am delighted to be the manager here.It is a great club full of some great players.I am looking forward to the first game against Atletico Madrid.We have brought in two good right backs and we need some more players.

I am quite annoyed that we are favourites to finish bottom and be relegated.It is a personal insult to me and this team but I know I can make this team a top team.I want a good run in the cup.I will talk more some other time.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread


Madrid Manager Speaks out!!!

After a disappointing season in division 2, Real Madrid manager Mitu Ahmed finally talked to the press about his season and his expectations.

"Last season was extremely disappointing for me as a manager. We were predicted to win the division but here we still are fighting for promotion in another season. We didn't have the best starts or finish to the season. If we played like we did in the middle then we should have clinched promotion. However, now I believe we are ready, we have a committed bunch of players which include the likes of RVN, Cannavaro, Sergio Ramos and more. We even have some brilliant youth players. I wish to win at least one silverware this season."
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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread



After finishing second to a much stronger Barcelona last season, Liverpool were given over 32M to spend in the transfer market and Pham quickly chose a striker to replace loanees Mirko Vucinic and Perez Krkic Bojan who both returned to their clubs AS Roma and Barcelona. Pham knows that he already has two central forwards therefore he needs a forward to partner Jose Fernando Torres like Mirko Vucinic did and he chose Brazilian striker Carvalha Amauri from Palermo. He spent a cheap 11.9M on the 27 year old. Carvalha Amauri will become the third Brazilian at Liverpool after Lucas Leiva and Souza Alex. Carvalha Amauri said at the press conference: "It is a dream for every player to join a club like Liverpool. Who in the right mind who reject such an offer? It is a great club with excellent players like Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Jamie Carragher, and Jose Reina. I would like to thank Pham to make this move possible for me. My target this season is to score at least five goals in the league and a few more in the cups, I am aiming at ten goals this season to bring Liverpool to the league title."




It has been rumored that managers Sam Pooley and Tom Pham have been in talks with each other for a deal for Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto'o to come to Anfield in a deal suspected to include Daniel Agger, Raul Tamudo and cash as well as probably a third player, possibly Martin Petrov or Souza Alex.



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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Season Round Up

With the first season a rather successful one, Sheva takes his men a stop closer to winning the most prestiguous bit of silverware but he will have to remain focused at his team will have to be at it's best competing with greats like Barcelona.


Top Goalscorer

Francesco Totti (12)


Constantly getting on the scoresheet and also boasting a beautiful hattrick against Manchester United, this man tops the list comfortably.

Top Assister

Klaas Jan Huntelaar (12)


When a goal is needed, you can always expect this man to deliver a lovely cross or just play one if his great through balls. Initially bought for his goal scoring abilities but has adapted to something different this season.

Outstanding player of the season

Francesco Totti


Not only did he deliver top notch performances but his his experience was vital for the team's success this season.

Best Young Player

Alberto Aquilani


Adored by the fans and admired by the manager, this man has got more chances than was expected and displaced Joao Moutinho for the CM spot. His cracker against Inter in the final match of the season was unforgettable and helped Roma to a 2nd place finish.

Other Nominations

Fan Favourite

Philippe Mexes


By far the best defender this season with great consistent performances at the back. Been more than impressive this season and has stolen the hearts of the fans.

Manager Favourite

Daniel De Rossi


A great admirer of Daniel De Rossi, the manager, handed him vice captaincy following the departure of Cristian Panucci. Not on the scoresheet regularly but has been silently pulling the strings in midfield, and to a deadly effect!

Transfer Rumours

Concerning the players coming in, it may be minimal as Sheva is already happy with his squad but will be looking for re-inforcements to further strengthen the squad. He had said that he most definitely have a dip in the transfer market.

Sheva seems reluctant to let any of his players go, due to most of them being an important part of the team. Athletico Madrid, did express great interest in Philippe Mexes but Sheva had said that he has no intentions of leaving. Internazionale have been after De Rossi but a move for the manager's favourite seems unlikely.

Brazilian CB Juan could be on his way out though as he seems unsettled at the club. After a poor first season as well and a dip in form, he is unlikely to remain at the club for too long. Johnny Heitinga will replace the Brazilian incase of a sudden departure. Sheva has said that he is more than willing to discuss a deal with any manager that is interested.

Can Roma surprise again? Will they be getting their hands on the Division 1 trophy?

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Sevilla News

Transfer Rumours

Sevilla manager Omer Khan was seen meeting with the managers of Barcelona and As Roma.The reason might be the exchange of players between them.As Roma were said to be interested in Diego Capel and Barcelona were interested in Jesus Navas.Now The rumours coming in are that the new manager of Sevilla Omer Khan wants to change his team completely and bring some new faces into the squad to get promotion this season.Sevilla and Barcelona have reached agreement regarding G.Dos Santos for a season long loan but meetings were held between the two managers after that too.Maybe this mean Omer Khan has set his sights on one or two of Barca players.


Sevilla have completed the loan-signing of Barca Wonderkid Giovanni Dos Santos for a season long.


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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread



After finishing 4th in the league last season, Austin is looking to build on his side, believing that, with a little tweak tweak, his squad may just be title contenders.

He has been liking up with the other managers, nearly striking up a deal for Mexes, a miss he deeply regrets.

He has now put in interest in Juan, another Roma player, and Austin says he will do his best to get him.

Meanwhile, negotiations for Y Toure seem to be geeting to its climax, Austin willing to use Simao in negotations as well.


they have also signed Juan Vagras, after beating Liverpool and Juventus to his signature.


As for the player awards.


Diego Forlan and Aguero both socred a smashing 5 league goals each, prompting both of them to be given awards.


Average performances

Aguero was oustanding this season, prompting him to be crowned both manager and season favorites because of his displays!



It was Simao, captain, who clinched up the assists award, with an amazing 5 assists in 16 league appaerances.


Austin faces Vfb Sttugart in the first game of the season, and Austin hopes to come out with 3 points in the first game of the season, one which promises to be a real match cracker, as both teams will struggle for 3 points.

Atletic have been tipped as strugglers, as they were last year, and Austin will suprise again by being the title contenders they were last year!

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread



After spending 11.9M on Carvalha Amauri, Pham spent an extra 12M on another South American, from Mexico. Pham brought in a versatile defender to strengthen their defense, which already consists of Daniel Agger, Jamie Carragher, Martin Skrtel, Ezequiel Garay and Alvaro Arbeloa. Tom Pham brought in Jonny Magallon from Chivas de la Guadalajara for 12M and also forced to trade out Astrit Ajdarevic and Ryan Crowther. Pham said about his new signing: "Jonny is a great addition to our defense, he will have to battle hard with Martin, Alvaro, Daniel, Ezequiel and Jamie for a starting place in our 3-4-2-1 formation. Jonny is very versatile so when we need to change to a four-man defense, Jonny will be used. I think we spent our money well."




After a successful first season with Liverpool, Perez Bojan Krkic has returned to Anfield. Perez Bojan Krkic played five times in the league, scoring one goal as well as playing a few more in the cup games. This loan move might mean a move outwards for Raul Tamudo. Rumors have also been spread that Tom Pham might launch a bid containing Raul Tamudo and Martin Petrov for Perez Bojan Krkic.



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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Brown adds to transfer list


Speaking after today's training session Internazionale manager Ryan Brown stated he wanted to completely renovate his squad. He said anybody who weren't in his first team plans are as good as gone. The more high profile additions to be transfer listed were:

Cristian Chivu


Chivu has been unhappy at Inter since new manager Ryan Brown took over a few weeks ago. Brown said that if any player wasn't happy to be playing for the club he wasn't going to be paying there wages. He has an asking price of £20,000,000

Julio Cruz


The experienced Argentine striker is currently on international duty but will be told he will be leaving as soon as he returns. His asking price is £6,000,000.

David Sauzo


Suazo has never competed for a place at Inter since Hernan Crespo was signed. Asking price is £10,000,000.

Ryan Brown also stated that although he has set asking prices for all three players; they are all negotiable and he will also accept players.

With the departure list growing it is obvious Brown has his eye on a player or players, the question is who. The events that take place at the San Siro over the next few days will definitely be worth following.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Sevilla News

Completed Transfers

Sevilla have completed the signing of three players.Sebastian Frey from Fiorentina,Juan and Simone Perrota from AS Roma.As Omer Khan said yesterday he wants to change the shape of the squad,hes doing it.He has signed one Goal Keeper,Defender and a Midfielder.Although Dani Alves has also completed his move away from Sevilla but it seems Omer Khan has some cover for him which wont be too bad.

Managers Talk

I am very happy that these players decided to join us.They all are really good,talented and world-class players ,whome every manager would dream of having them in his line-up.I have talked to the new guys,they liked the place and are very happy over their decision to join us.Now i am into the market for a striker and a player who plays on the right side.If any manager is interested in buying my players they can contact me.Thank You


Rumours from inside the club are that the manager is havinga talk with Barca manager.It might be of buying a striker as Omer Khan said in his Press Conference.Is Henry on his way to Sevilla?Only time can tell us.There are also rumours that Omer Khan would allow some of his players like Fabiano,Kanoute,Kone or Diego Capel to go if a right offer comes.

New Signings

Sebastian Frey{Goal Keeper}


Silveira Juan{Defender}


Simone Perrota{Midfielder}


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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Barcelona News



Barcelona Sign Bale


(Gareth Bale is available for loan after being signed for a fee of 15 million pounds.)

Barcelona football club completed the signing of Gareth Bale yesterday morning. Bale flew in on a private jet arranged by Barcelona yesterday morning and arrived at the Nou Camp around 7:10am. Barcelona manager Sam Pooley made a hefty cash offer for the 18 year old two days ago, which is believed to be around the value of just under 19 million Euro's. The equivalent of 15 million pounds. Gareth Bale had this to say on the morning of his arrival, "I am very pleased to arrive here at Barcelona, the champions of the setup, and i believe they can once again win the setup. I say 'they' because i will most probably be out on loan this season. I enjoyed my time at Tottenham but i just had to move on and i can't wait to begin my time here." And manager Sam Pooley said "I am glad to have such a class youngster aboard my squad but this year is his development season and because of that he will be out on loan, in order to get some first team experience." So there you have it Gareth Bale is available for loan.

Players For Sale


Presas Oleguer is available for transfer in a cash deal. The 87 rated right back is not part of Sam's plans and therefore has to go. If managers are interested just make a direct offer.


Santiago Ezquerro is also available for transfer and like Oleguer a cash deal would be definitely considered. Ezquerro is an 87 rated forward, but simply won't play in front of Messi and co.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread




The Juventus team are having some tuning exercises in preparation for the upcoming season. The management decided to fly to Croatia -Zagreb to have a one-week pre-season session and play a couple of friendlies with two Division 2 Croatian teams- NK Istra 1961 and NK Vinogradar respectively.



A good flight with a warm welcome



The spirits in the camp are high and concentration is topnotch.



"We want to see them, anyhow"- where the words of a Croat fan named Ivan Pridic.

The fixtures are as follows-

Juventus Second Team vs NK Istra 1961 - 17:30 local time.

Juventus First Team vs NK Vinogradar - 21:00 local time.

The matches will be telecast live on TV Nova and Kanal 5.

Stay Tuned and Enjoy.

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Brown Speaks Out Again

With Thierry Henry on his way to Sevilla and Giuseppi Rossi unavailable for transfer Internazionale boss Ryan Brown would have to look elsewhere.


As he arrived for today's press conference on a rainey Italian morning, he gave a quick hint of who his new targets were. Speaking after a training session yesterday he added numerous players to the transfer list and has already sold Julio Cruz to Juventus. Since then he has been in contact with the Juventus manager and is currently negotiating a deal for Adrien Mutu. Rumour has it Juventus are interested in Cristian Chivu and Ryan Brown is trying to negotiate an offer which could see both players swapping clubs.


Cristian Chivu could be on his way to Juventus


Could Mutu be going the other way?

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Sheva makes a surprise move

A decision that may be unpopular with the fans but the manager believes that he has done the right thing and will pay off in the long term. The rather discreet transfer of Dani Alves saw two experienced Roma players leave to Spain. One of them being Juan who was no surprise but the surprise was the other man involved in the deal. A man who had a good season overall despite a minor injury. It was Simone Perrrotta. Perrotta had stated that he doesnt want to finish his career at Roma and doesnt want to be second best to Totti and De Rossi. The experienced Italian international fancied a move out of Italy and was flattered by Sevilla's interest in him. Sheva said that it isnt a decision he liked to make but Simone wanted to go to Spain and the manager wanted him so we discussed a deal. I think its best for the team and the player but i am aware that it wasnt a decision that the fans liked.

Che fa pensare che egli è? Egli viene qui e si libera di Simone?!? Simone è ben amato e qui è stato un grande giocatore per noi' date=' egli non dovrebbe essere andare ovunque. Juan è un altro. Egli è un altro giocatore chiave per noi. I cant ritenere che egli sia a quelli accusati giocatore lasciare. Mossa sbagliata![/quote']
Who does he think he is? He comes here and gets rid of Simone?!? Simone is well loved here and has been a great player for us' date=' he shouldnt be going anywhere. Juan is another. He is another key player for us. I cant believe that he let those experienced player leave. Wrong move![/quote']

A more cool headed fan had the following to say;

Credo che dovremmo dare l'uomo una pausa. I wouldnt andare definendola una cattiva decisione solo perché ancora Dani Alves è un grande giocatore e noi tutti dovremmo sapere che fare quello che è meglio per la squadra. Dobbiamo dargli una possibilità. Se il nostro fan didnt mettere tanta pressione su di lui in precedenza, avremmo potuto anche noi ha vinto il titolo. Ha fatto bene per noi finora. Credo che sia dura a giudicare il modo in cui lui alcuni fan fare!
I think we should give the man a break. I wouldnt go calling it a bad decision just yet because Dani Alves is a great player and we all should know that he doing what is best for the team. We should give him a chance. If our fans didnt put so much pressure on him earlier on' date=' we could have even won us the title. He has done well for us so far. I think it is harsh judging him the way some fans do![/quote']

Some money was also involved in the deal. Sheva is now in the hunt for Sevilla's Diego Capel but Barcelona is also in hot pursuit.


Will the Brazilian full back be a hit with the fans?

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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread



After completing deals for South Americans Jonny Magallon and Carvalha Amauri as well as loaning in Perez Bojan Krkic, Pham has continued to improve his team by signing Turkish prodigy and Galatasaray star Turan Arda joins for a fee of 4.4M and a deal that saw Danish defender Daniel Agger leave for the Turkish side. Pham said: "I am happy to see us sign another young winger, we have a very young midfield force with Ryan Babel, Lucas Leiva, Andres Guardado, Javier Mascherano and now Turan Arda. We have a great future and Turan Arda is a great addition to our team."



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Re: Forumers Twenty20, match report etc thread

Barcelona News


Barcelona sign a Winger

That's right, Barcelona have made another signing pre season and this time it is a winger. Title winning manager Sam Pooley has already previously been quoted saying that the two flanks are his weak areas. But he is trying to solve that problem and the man who he has signed to do it is 23 year old González Santi Cazorla. He was bought from unavailable to manage Villarreal for a fee of 14 million pounds, this is around 17.5 million in Euro's. This is the second signing made by Barcelona pre season with the other being young Gareth Bale. Manager Sam Pooley hopes that both players will be here for a very long time although has said that González Santi Cazorla will be a much more active first teamer than Bale this season.


(Santi Cazorla taking control of the ball down in his former Villarreal days.)

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