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Portuguese (future) stars


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Re: Portuguese (future) stars

The future of some of these players has been solved.

Castro was loaned out to Olhanense(2nd div)

Tiago Pinto was loaned out to Trofense(1st div)

David Caiado was bought by Trofense

André Carvalhas and Romeu Ribeiro will probably loaned out to Olhanense

Rui Pedro will be loaned by Porto to Portimonense..

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Re: Portuguese (future) stars

Ivanildo Soares Cassamá born in 1986-01-09 and played last season in Académica loaned by FCPorto.

He plays as Winger and as forward. He is very strong in 1vs1, unbalances the defense because he is very fast and dribbles in speed. Is tactically very intelligent and allies rapidity to strength. He already played in u-21 Portuguese squad and some games in UEFA Cup, but the hardest defender he played was Bosingwa. He have the dream to play for Portugal senior team and win the Champions league, for now he is closed by Quaresma, Tarik, Mariano and has been loaned out last 2 years where made good exhibitions and won competitive rhythm.

He is in DB with the rating of 84


Edit: It's an 78 now(02/03/10) :S

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Re: Portuguese (future) stars

Adelino André Vieira Freitas more known as Vieirinha born in 1986-01-24 and is now a PAOK player loaned by FCPorto. He can play as Winger or like 2nd forward.

His highlights are his bravure, the technique and the speed. He was one of the best players in euro under17 of 2003 where Portugal won the title. He made good exhibitions but was inconstant and have also bad mood what i already cost him some red cards. He is titular in Portugal under-21 and with Manuel Fernandes is the best player of the team. He is also sub-capitan of the team. Next year will play in PAOK in loan and will play other kind of football and hopefully he will grow and not commit mistakes.

More a good product of Porto's academies and other talent that needs be lapidated. He is a lot of times compared with Quaresma because his skill, inconsistency and also because his bad mood.

He is on DB, rated 83.


Edit: It's an 86 now(02/03/10)

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Re: Portuguese (future) stars

Hélder Jorge Leal Rodrigues Barbosa born in 25-5-1987 and is a winger current playing for FCPorto.

He is one of the biggest hopes of Porto and of the Portuguese football. Playing usually in B team of Porto joined in second half of the season 2005/06 the main team. He is a left footer and plays in the wing where allies the technique with the speed.

It had his debut official in the team of FC Porto on May 6, 2006 against Boavista FC where he was eventually sent off for accumulation of yellows. In the following year was loaned out to Académica where made only few official games because he since November was injured and missed the rest of season.

Recovered for this season, Academica requested again the player again of the Porto in loan.And Porto agreed, (although were several clubs interested in his services, such as Nacional Madeira and Panathinaikos).

In January 2008 he was with a great moment of form and was the result of the first incursion of the winter market by FCPorto , the return to his "home" more mature, to replace Tarik that gone to CAN. He at age of 16 was convoked to play against Barcelona in the inauguration of Dragon stadium and there received the prize revelation of the year.

Isn't consummated but this year he will probably be loaned out to Académica again.

I think he have just a problem.. plays to the photo like Quaresma.. and needs to concentrate more in team and not give show.. :rolleyes:

He is in DB rated 85.


Edit: It's an 84 now(02/03/10) :o

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Re: Portuguese (future) stars

i mentioned him in page 3.

Sorry,too many pages.

Ok.than another future star from FC Porto:

Tengarrinha, a 19 years old midfielder that was promoted to to Porto A from Porto B, because of his amazing last season.

PS:Sorry but I could find any foto.

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Re: Portuguese (future) stars

i am searching some info of this guy since ages, i am trying to make detailed profiles of players.. not just add his name, age, club. And the Porto B team not exists since 3 years ago.. he was in juniors.

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Re: Portuguese (future) stars

Miguel Ângelo Leonardo Vitor born in 30-06-1989 and was loaned out last season to Desp. Aves by Benfica.

He, in Luz is seen as the future ''boss'' of the defence. After a fantastic season, where he debuted in main team, in a high quality level and also in 2nd part of season where he made a extremely positive campaign serving Desportivo das Aves and where finally managed to assert himself as titular in Portugal under 19 team.

Miguel Vitor joined the football world when he was only 8 years. At the time, could convince the father to take him to a trial in Torreense, the main club of the city where he is natural. Wasn't required much trainings to convince the club to incorporate it in their team since then has demonstrated qualities above average.

Two games front of Benfica , in which, says the chronics, was the best in the field, instantly convinced officials of the club of Luz, which, days later, invited him to make a trial at club.

With only three training sessions, Benfica responsible have no doubt that this was an athlete with the potential to play at Benfica. Despite an approach of Sporting, also to make a trial also, Miguel Vitor parents opted for Benfica, respecting the verbal contract, and joined he the club.

The competitive attitude, the willingness to learn and correction in the day-to-day won the admiration of technical and teammates. Despite everything, especially to the rank of u-13, Miguel did not reach the status of titular, often "covered" by other teammates who played the same position.

The turning point has been reached when the step of 15. The excellent progress in physical terms, technical and tactical aspects, give him to end the presence in the usual eleven, which, in addition to years of exemplary pawning inside and outside the field he earned armband of the captain.

It would however in its first year of under-18, under the command of Bruno Lage, which would Miguel Vitor get qualitative levels above the average. Being himself a key player in eleven, often playing against more experienced athletes, he would take over as the boss of defense, alongside Nuno Ferreira. He was the player most used and, surprisingly, 3rd best scorer with 7 goals, mark unusual for a Center Back.

At the end of the season, Fernando Santos, the senior coach at the time, convoked him for the tour in North America. He first debut in first team was precisely in Canada, joining at minute 88 replacing Nélson, facing the Toronto FC. Days later, would make 3 more minutes against the Greeks of AEK.

Convinced by the qualities demonstrated by the young Miguel, Fernando Santos decided to convoke him to integrate in the pre-season the main team. It would be a golden opportunity to continue to grow and live with players like Luisão, Rui Costa and Simão Sabrosa, idols which he normally saw in television.

It would however Jose Antonio Camacho that would promote its official debut. It was the August 25, at the Estádio da Luz and taking advantage of Luisão and David Luiz injuries. He made double with the adapted Katsouranis, and was approved with distinction by the stadium. Only 4 days later, would have further opportunity in Copenhagen, a game in which Benfica needed to hold the advantage won in 1 st hand and, again, played brilliantness. Played more one game in the league and other in group phase during the UEFA Champions League in San Siro, both as a titular, losing the role with the return of Luisão and the hiring of Edcarlos.

Backed to the u-18 team to make 4 games, with Benfica opting for his loan to Desportivo das Aves, in January 2008.

The image gave on the ''avenses'' was extremely positive, despite some muscle injuries have allowed him to make only 7 games in the 2nd League, 5 of them as titular.

Also in the national team under-19 he become titular unquestionable. He made already 16 games and 7 goals, between under-18 and Under-19.

Miguel Victor is a center back, which has fulfilled all his formation in that position. Fairly strong physically, and with it he won advantage in divided bidding.

His mainly attributes are the positioning and sobriety, unusual for a center back that only in the end of this year will make the transition from junior to senior. Although not particularly high (1.83 m), is to highlight the air game as another of his strengths, making itself worth the enormous capacity of the push, which gave him a considerable amount of goals scored, as can be the stats show, with Benfica and the National teams.

Then, although not a fast player, makes use of his good reading of the game and the ability to anticipate the game an advantage to win the ball.

Will make the pre-season and probably will make the rest of season as 4th CB, Quique Flores bet a lot in youngsters, let's hope he bet in him :)

He is in DB rated 77.


Edit: It's an 85 now(02/03/10)

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Re: Portuguese (future) stars

Romeu Oliveira Ribeiro born in 13-01-1989 and is a Defensive Midfielder of Benfica that was loaned out last season to Desportivo das Aves.

''Very intelligent, balanced and with a tremendous competitive attitude." Thus, a year ago, Bruno Lage described Romeu Ribeiro, his pupil at the time in the u-17 team of Benfica.

At 19, the player natural of Vieira do Minho starts deal cards in professional football, after turning a reference of the u-17 team of Benfica.

Very soon moved to Switzerland, where parents decided to emigrate. It was a school football in that country that Romeu had the first contact with football. He had only 6 years old. The experience grew into Romeu the passion of football. When returned to Portugal, at 10 years, entered the u-12 of Vieira do Minho, club of his city.

He was training as usual when was discovered. A scout of Sporting Braga, was present and quickly was impressed with the qualities of the young and slender player. Quickly, officials of the club moved to his recruitment, since the Boavista also shown interest. The distance to his home was the factor that weighed more in the decision, and Romeu joined Braga because that. Played for 'bracarenses' in three seasons, which quickly made its quality to assert himself.

He was in the prestigious tournament Inter-Associations ''Lopes da Silva'', tournament disputed between teams of district u-15, which Romeu reveal his enormous talent. Playing for A.F. Braga, did not go unnoticed by Rui Oliveira, scout of Benfica, who immediately recommended his engagement. By that time, the Futebol Clube do Porto has shown interest, but the offer from Benfica was better to Romeu and he choose to move to Lisbon.

''I become euphoric, is not every day that you receive a call and a offer of Benfica'' said he once, remembering his move to Benfica

He joined the team of u-16 of Benfica. The change of a very quiet region(Vieira do Minho) to the capital could have hampered the adjustment, but he was very well received. The timidity was quickly overcome and the center midfield continued his evolution. Shinned in that team along with players like Ruben Lima, Miguel Rosa or Andre Carvalhas, a team that lost the title only in the last game.

The following year, in u-17 squad, would make a huge leap in evolutionary terms, under the command of Bruno Lage. It was titular and a leader of the mid field of Benfica. With the label of center defensive "certain", quickly transformed himself into a complete player, which annexed the certainty in passing with great competitive attitude.

The high point of that season was when he was convoked to participate in the Meridian Cup, serving the European Under-18, benefying of Adrien's Silva injury. In the first 2 games, ahead of the congener African, came at 74 minutes, having acted in the first 45 minutes of the 2 nd game. In this competition, was trained by Iñaki Saez and Juan Santiesteban, two of the biggest names in football formation in Europe.

In Benfica, the prize came when, on May 21, 2007, saw his name included in the convocation of the senior team for a mini-tour to the United States. In the first game, against the Canadians of Toronto FC, came at 87 minutes, to replace Rui Costa. At 2nd and last game, against the Greeks of AEK, Fernando Santos would give him the opportunity to show, having completed the second 45 minutes. In that game, Romeu showed the attributes which gave rise to prominence in u-17: personality, sobriety and simplicity of procedures.

The start of the season would start in a similar way to the end of 2006/2007, with the main team. Fernando Santos, pleased with the exhibition tour in the U.S., would give him the opportunity to confirm the attributes in pre-season.

Jose Antonio Camacho, who had substitute Fernando Santos, would continue to bet on Romeu, giving him minutes in some games at the start of the season. His first game in official matches as a professional was in 25of August in front of the Vitoria Guimaraes. He made 5 games in the league, having totalled 53 minutes of use.

In January, Camacho decided loan Romeu to the Desportivo das Aves, allowing him to play with more regularity in a Professional League. His first game in 2nd league was in the 15turn in Penafiel, replacing Grosso at 64 minutes. 3 weeks later, started the first game as titular, against Estoril. In all, completed 12 games, having contributed to the good campaign of the team in 2nd half of season.

Also in the National team of u-19 win its space as titular, as CM or DM. He have already 38 caps on all levels. Recently, especially in the team of u-19, has been used more as offensive midfielder or defensive midfielder, adaptation, says the chronics, has been happy.

He is a defensive midfielder, called "catch", is especially a player of restraint. He have an excellent positional sense and an unusual tactical reading for the age. Very strong in pressure, is extremely combative and win a lot of physical battles, while not having a great athletic shape. With ball, is a player of touch simple. Very good in short pass, it is always the first to organize the game of his team. Another of the strengths of Romeu Ribeiro is the air game, the result of excellent driving and is not often see it score goals in free kicks and corner kicks.

He is in DB rated 78


Edit: It's an 77 now(02/03/10) :o

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Re: Portuguese (future) stars

Vitorino Gabriel Pacheco Antunes born in 01/04/1987 and his a left back that plays for AS Roma.

Vitorino Antunes began his professional adventure in Freamunde. We where in the 2004/2005 season and the club from the north was the dispute the 2nd league. A league with all the conditions for young players evolve. The first season was good, he ended the year with 22 matches played, most of them as titular.

In 2005/2006, further 22 games in the league by Freamunde, again participating in the first eleven most times. The adjustment to a professional league was done. After two seasons in the 2nd league and 44 games later, Antunes was ready for an experience in the first league of Portuguese football. Paços de Ferreira and his coach, Jose Mota, always very attentive to young talents to emerge in clubs from the north, redeemed it and incorporated him in main team.

When we thought that Antunes would have to wait for an opportunity to show his value, Jose Mota launched him immediately into the to titular team of pacences. The pre-season went to feature the young player of 19 years and this took the stake in the team. The fact that he is left footed, have a good shot skills, and support the attack and makes superb crosses made the coach bet in him because Paços de Ferreira is a limited team.

After 23 games in first league, Antunes confirmed and exceeded the expectations. Ability to shot and cross, good reading of the game, excellent cut time and speed were characteristics visible throughout the season. Antunes was still two goals and assisted many times his teammates to score.

Due to the good season held, soon began to emerge Portuguese clubs interested. The Paços de Ferreira evaluated the side back at 1.5 million, which, of course, limited to three major clubs (Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting). Were precisely the two last clubs that have shown more interest in engage on the young defender. The absence of a left back that completely pleased the Sporting and FC Porto in their teams closed, even more, the siege for Antunes.

When was expected his transfer to Sporting and FC Porto, comes Roma to ensure him. The Italian club guarantee the loan for a season, with a buy option of 1.5 million, at the end of the 2007/2008 season. The good games as Antunes made in all league had been followed by foreign clubs, and Roma exceeded domestic clubs, through a business financially accessible.

As expected, the first season of Vitorino Antunes in Italy was learning. Slightly used, the LB was only option in five Serie A matches, one in the UEFA Champions League (in front of the European champion Manchester United) and three in the Italy Cup. In total, eight games, but according to himself, "a very enriching experience."

In an interview with a Portuguese sports newspaper, Antunes said that "in just four months i had evolved defensively which had never evolved throughout my career."

The best solution to Antunes continue evolve can go through a transfer to a club of lower projection in Italy, or even a return to Portuguese football. The engagement of Norwegian John Arne Riise ends the possibility to the Portuguese make more games with the Roman sweater. Even with the good sequence of games made with the Portuguese sweater of u-21, it is urgent that Antunes continue to evolve in a more consistent way.

At 21 years, is vital to continue to compete to develop all his capacities, however acquired, in his first year in Italy.

Quick, good shooting skills and an excellent ability to make tense crosses are the main predicates of this young athlete. As always defended the colors of clubs who defend more than attack, evolved a lot of the ability to individual marking but his air game is something to review.

He is present on DB rated 85.


Edit: It's an 83 now(02/03/10) :o

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Re: Portuguese (future) stars

Bruno Alexandre Marques Pereirinha born in 02/03/1988 and his a Right Back, right winger that plays for Sporting.

Pereirinha been redeemed in Belenenses u-15 in the season 2003/2004. Even very young began to deploy in the vast universe of talent that the Academy of Alcochete produces. Despite slender, his technique associated with speed and the troubles that this cause to opponents defense, were the characteristics that delighted the ''leoninos'' responsible. Bruno not jumped any step of his formation, viewing each year as an obstacle to overcome, to achieve the Main Sporting team, his great dream and goal.

Once with senior age, the duty defense / midfielder was loaned to Olivais e Moscavide, that club had received Miguel Veloso in the previous season. Humble, he accepted the challenge and sailed to the club of Lisbon. The good supply of Pereirinha and the financial difficulties of Sporting to attack the winter market in the same season, have made Paulo Bento applied once again to the ''silver of the house''. The Sporting coach wanted someone multipurpose, an athlete that could be an alternative to play in the diamond and could also be an alternative to the right of the defense. Thus, Bruno was only half of the season with Olivais e Moscavide, and returned to Sporting earlier in January.

Recent success stories in Sporting's formation, put an immense pressure on the shoulders of Bruno Pereirinha. Ricardo Quaresma, Cristiano Ronaldo, Joao Moutinho, Nani, Miguel Veloso and Yannick Djaló were examples to be followed by all young players who would appear in Main Sporting team. The requirement was reach, hold and beat, as the examples above have done. However, Bruno was a different player. An athlete who needed more time to adapt to the club and their requirements. Paulo Bento soon realized that and sheltered him immediately after the first criticism heard through the media and Sporting fans, accustomed to kids that shine after two, three games.

Thus, although have more an option for your initial team, the coach was protecting the latest product of the Sporting Academy, to not lose a player who, in some years would give joy to the club and fans.

In 2007/08, already integrated into the main team and with six months habituated to the club's rhythm and to the type of game model used by Paulo Bento, the season has been a gradual affirmation from Pereirinha. In all the season he made 23 games, 5 of them full. In the league has not scored any goal, however, the highest point came in eighths of the UEFA Cup, in front of the Bolton, when he scored in Alvalade, a superb goal from left foot, which confirmed the transition from Sporting to the next round . Another major game made by Pereirinha last season has been against FC Porto in Alvalade. Positioned on the right of defense, had the task of halting Ricardo Quaresma, who fulfilled mission flawlessly, giving no space for the winger unbalance.

This season was crowned with the title of Portuguese cup, joined the final at 76minutes of the game.

Quick with and without ball, Pereirinha stands out when plays in right wing. Crosses well in speed, quality always feared by opposing defenses. Tactically is highly evolved, which allows the use of Pereirinha as RB, without fluctuations in performance. Also plays in the right wing of the diamond in the middle field of Sporting, tactical scheme used more frequently by Paulo Bento.

To improve his game, Bruno Pereirinha should also evolve the moves 1 vs 1 in attack. Improving this aspect, the midfielder of Sporting will have more opportunities to serve, more effectively, his team mates. The finalization and midway shots are other points to review in the future.

He is DB, rated 85


Edit: It's an 86 now(02/03/10)

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