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English Championship 1

Dave Leigh

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We are now in the 3rd season and in overall preformances over the past seasons I think Lawrence Lakeland who manages Cardiff City has been the best manager so far!

Season 1 ; Division 3 finished as Winners

Season 2 ; Dvision 2 promoted as runners up

Season 3 ; Currently 2nd in Division 1

Nice one Lawrie!

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The average age of that Cardiff team must be 37!!!

Watch out for Southend Utd in the coming season's. Only took over 9 games ago and my record is currently won 7, drawn 1 and lost 1. Changing it around despite a serious lack of funds!

Your Bolton side looks pretty decent too!

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Thanks Perry :)

Took two seasons to get that team together.

Cardiff do have a very much veteren squad, but think Lawrence has done tremendously well to get to where he is now.

I think Blackpool will be the next suprise team to come up into Division 1

Welcome oobee :)

Your now in the set up that began all this madness!

I will keep an eye on Southend and Gillingham fellas! :D

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Hi Dave!!!

Welcome to the Forum champ.

As some of you know I have Swindon Town in Div 4 (currently 2nd) and will try my very best to keep Perry and his Southend Utd off my back during the course of the season.

I joined with 9 rounds to go in the last season and Swindon were struggling in 16th place. Managed to finish the season with 7 wins and 2 losses and climbed up to finish the season in 7th spot.

Just wanted to say a big welcome and thank you to Dave, who has been kind enough to loan me a few players from his strong Bolton squad to help me out at different times. :D;) Not sure about Cardiff mate, but I like the way you've transformed your squad over the past 20 weeks. B)

Good to also see "oobee007" join the ranks. Good luck mate!

Should also point out that "tebthereb" (Steve) is also in this set-up. He manages the mighty Fulham team in Div 2. :eek:

I'll catch all you lot around the traps!



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