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Iago Falque


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Ok, this is not my find or anything, I've searched, and found a mention of him in another thread only. I just ran into him accidentaly was searching for some videos of Daniel Aquino and found him. I didn't find any information on him, and he is not in the database, so if anyone has any piece of information I would be greatful. This player seems to be "good"!. Just wanted to share this with you guys:

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Re: Iago Falque

He apparently turned down chelsea last summer,, and is thought of as one of the best left sided youngsters in the youth ranks in spain


Born January 4 in Vigo, Galicia, Spain.


May 13: Won the UEFA European Under-17 Championship with the Spanish national team.

September: Represented Spain in the FIFA U-17 World Cup at Korea. He was part of the team that was defeated in the final by Nigeria 0-3 on penalty kicks at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

definately a player to watch out for,,hopefully he gets his chance next season or go out on loan deal,,,love the fact he already got his own website, he obviously thinks he's good lol.,, he does look good in video though.,,suprised he hasnt been talked about more

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Re: Iago Falque

Well' date=' he's on loan at Southampton at the moment and has played just 56 minutes of a 2-0 loss to Leicester. He performed quite well in the Europa for us though.[/quote']

Yes, I know that... I think that Italian football(Juventus) would be better option for him than England... :/

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