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Gai Assulin

jimmy carr

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Re: Guy Asulin

no me :) silly

Ok ,I don't want an argument over who 'found' him. Personally I think both reports (by Adonis and Jimmy Carr) are both very good and both deserve credit.

I don't agree with the phrase 'founder' :rolleyes: of the player, but just to clear up this situation the first member to do a report on Gai Asulin was Jimmy back in the 10th of October last year. Your report Adonis was made March is year i believe.

Anyway, the two posts have been merged together as there is only the need to have 1 thread for this player.

Hopefully we can now concentrate on the player and not who 'found' him.

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Re: Gai Assulin

Yes i dont want an arguement all im saying is that nobody really responded to his thread its only when i posted mine that everyone started taking an interest then some silly willy merged them against my protest.


Yeah i agree im just interested in the players development and my success on the game not about a stupid forum personal ID


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Re: Gai Assulin

Hope not. He would just play in our youth/reserves. We want him to go to a struggling La liga team like Almeria or Racing. Or probably going to the second division will give him first team football

suppose! hope he moves up a bit in the next ratings though

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