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My Old Bodeaux Team

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Hello everybody, I have my bordeaux team since many month (Start of the WC 826). I'm now in my third season and I have many deal during this few month. So, Now and dont know what is the correct tactics for this squad and I have difficulty to win against team who 're very more bad then me.

Please Help me, this is my squad


Enke 91-30 KP

Helton 90-29 KP

Nikopolidis 90-36 KP

Hart 86-20 KP


Maxwell 92-26 LB/LM

Demichelis 92-27 CB/DM

Dunne 91-28 CB/RB

Fabiano Eller 90-30 CB/DM


Pizarro 90-28 CM/DM

Pardo 92-31 CM/DM INJURIED

Giuly 92-31 W/F

Feindouno 91-27 W/F

Simons 91-31 CM/DM

Rosina 90-24 W/AM

Micoud 90-34 CM/AM

Djordjevic 90-36 LM/AM


Totti 96-31 F/AM

Toni 94-30 CF

Cabanas 91-27 F/AM

Frei 91-28 F

Chrisantus 75-17 F

I know i dont have many player but I think it's not bad for a Bordeaux team, I have make many deal with the starting squad of a Bordeaux Club and I 've arrive to that.....

Thanks for your help about my tactic and good season

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