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Forum Reputation Explained

Guest Toggs

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Guest Toggs

I have decided to do a detailed account of about repping and how to rep. I think it will help the newer forumers, as it tooks me ages to realize how to rep.

1. What is Rep - Giving Rep

Rep is short for reputation and on soccermanagerForums, you issue rep to other members. It can be issued for:

  1. A good match report on the - soccermanager.com Setup threads.
  2. Finding a young talent and for them to rise highly
  3. helping out other members of the forum
  4. Winning forum compertitions such as Forumer of the Year 2008 and SM Perdict

And that list could go on and on.

This forums are monitored by Forum Mods, they own the forums and can remove rep if they feel it hasnt been awarded fairly ( Given rep for no reason ). You can discover these forum mods, theyre names will be in red.

To give rep, you have to click the reputation button, i will use TOM MFC recent post on GC14 as an example:


The button is located in the top right corner of a post, this one is circled in red.


Once you've clicked that button, a screen like this will appear:


If you approve your rep, it means the person will be awarded reputation points, meaning:

  1. That they will become a more recognises member of these forums
  2. Other members also expect better and more intresting posts from thse members

If you issue a negative rep, it means the exact opposite of the list above ^ . ( You can no longer give Neg Rep to a person as SM feels its not the right thing to do. )

ALWAYS write a comment when you give a rep, it shows the reciever of the rep what you liked about the rep, meaning they will put that in more of their posts to make it enjoyable for you to read. ( Not alot of people currently do this but it will help the person in posting, you may even PM them about it. )

You can see how much rep you have by going on your home-page and viewing the reputation bit at the bottom of your page, mine as example:


Located at the top is how many reputation points you have, for expample, i have 364 rep points. For example:

My Post footer:


My 364 reputation points turn into 6 rep power, rep power generally means your popularity and quality of posts around the forums.

Rep generally works like this:

  • One Rep Power for every Year on the forum
  • One every Rep Power for every 1000 posts
  • One Rep Power for every 100 Rep Points

Hope this has helped, good luck with your teams and hope you enjoy these forums, maybe now you no you may want to rep this post ;)

.Appriciated if nobody posted below this.

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