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Banned from chat.

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Re: Banned from chat.

I have been unfairly banned from the chatroom' date=' wondering who to contact?

Thank you.[/quote']

I don't call myself a chat room regular but i do go in there a bit and i have never seen anyone be unfairly banned. There is always a reason for it, you could contact SM if you wanted but it will be to no avail.

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Re: Banned from chat.

Couple of things :)

a) Nobody on the forum has the power to unban people from chat' date=' only SM Devs can do that, and it's unlikely they will read this, so as suggested, if you think you are 100% innocent, send a ticket to support :)

B) What's your name on SM, one of us might know what happened ;)[/quote']

Ooooopppppssss, forgot to mantion u George. Silly me :P:D

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