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My New Unique Setup!

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This Is A Unique Setup Thanks To SM So Here It Is Its A Partnership Setup Where Teams Are Linked Here They Are AJAX AMSTERDAM --> FEEYONORD LIVERPOOL (ME) --> EVERTON (DrDX) MANCHESTER

Re: My New Unique Setup! i did...but he didn't reply. i wanna join any cool setup!!!

Re: My New Unique Setup!

Emmm this is getting a bit off topic Ben. People may consider it spamming as well. You can PM Kevin if you want. BTW i dont think he wants Bayern thts y he sed tht ur mate can have em:p ;)

i know but i have pm'd him saying do u want em oh well he sed no so ill let my mate have em

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Re: My New Unique Setup!

bens custom setup

Cmon guys. this should be done through PMs o sumthing. Ur spamming again:p :o . When people come to read this thread they dont really want to see irrelevant posts such as this. Best u do these through PM or MSN Messenger;) .

Dont take this the wrong way. Im not having a go at you. BUt someone else will soon if they see;)

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