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My New Unique Setup!

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This Is A Unique Setup Thanks To SM So Here It Is Its A Partnership Setup Where Teams Are Linked Here They Are AJAX AMSTERDAM --> FEEYONORD LIVERPOOL (ME) --> EVERTON (DrDX) MANCHESTER

Re: My New Unique Setup! i did...but he didn't reply. i wanna join any cool setup!!!

Re: My New Unique Setup!



1st of all can you do transfers only between partnered clubs???

2nd what is the points system?

3rd when are the transfer windows?

Say real madrid have 50 points and athletico have 50

And Barca have 60 and Espanyol have 40

Who wins the title?

If its down to GD then it should be the GD of both the teams added right?

If teams dont get partners then they partner the unmanaged clubs but these clubs lose 12-0 sometimes will that be taken care of?

So youre sacking managers who finish last? scary lol

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Re: My New Unique Setup!

lolzzz mate most of your queries would be answered if you read the thread properly. nywaiz i will answer whatever i can.

1) you can deal with your partner & external club ONLY.

2)Transfer window ONE between Turn 1 and Turn 7

Transfer window TWO between Turn 14 and Turn 22 .

well if you don't get a partner (as i expect i will have none since fulham is my partner) there is really nothing one can do. although i have never seen unmanaged clubs getting banged by more than 2-3 or max. 4 goals.

hope this much shall help. :)

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Re: My New Unique Setup!

well friends the setup has been created & i have got my hands on Chelsea thanks to kevin although i am still searching for a partner to take up fulham.

best of luck to everyone.

so can we finally start dealing in the transfer market or we have to wait for a couple of days??????

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Re: My New Unique Setup!

yup external clubs are the unavailable to manage clubs. lolzzz they haven't processed the transfers till now these SM guys. Atleast once i expected them to be on time but no they have to keep me waiting.:mad:

im abit dumb ya no what i mean lol...(Jokin) ok im bidding for players now :P

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Re: My New Unique Setup!

lolzzz mate but its chelsea who have made the biggest deals. David Villa & luis Gonzalez lead a pack of seven players to stamford bridge. although i am a bit angry. i expected atleast 35 mil. in budget...had to deal with just 22!!!!:mad:

had to change some of my deals because of that.

Ezequiel GARAY





Roberto AYALA


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