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Lyon ratings? Benzema, Ben Arfa etc? French Ligue.


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Hi guys. What's your opinion on what the rating changes will be for the Lyon team?

I know Benzema will go up to 92 for sure but could it go up more as he is leading the scoring chart with around 17 goals? Anybody got an idea of the rest of the Lyon team and how they will fare in the next change?

It would be great to see a thread predicting French rating changes.

Anyway thanks guys.

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Re: Lyon ratings? Benzema, Ben Arfa etc? French Ligue.

I think Squillaci will be making 92, along with Bodmer, Kallstrom. Having said that I thought they should be higher last time around.

Clerc should also be rising, along with Crosas who I would definitely buy in all setups possible.

Benzema... I would rather have him than Gomez. Doesn't have the international goals Gomez does but I think the two should be on the same rating for now.

Ben Arfa may well hit 90 as well, doesn't start that much but makes a lot of appearances. Think he is more likely to stay on 89.

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Re: Lyon ratings? Benzema, Ben Arfa etc? French Ligue.

i have some prospects not lyon but they are prospects all the same

S.Puygrenier - Guy has been voted top 3 defenders last 3 years still only 90 has to go up nancy doing well too

M.Erding - This kid has really burst on the scene

S.Sessegnon- This guy has been very consistent over past 2 years his stats are good one up.

Y.Cabaye -- Is this kid bettter than makoun now?

H.Lloris - Goalie possibly the best young goalie in the world today?

M.Landreau - Forget where PSG are i think hes good ..

Your opinions are all appreciated of course there are a few sureshot who will increase like ederson lloris and niang but some of these are not known to many..

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