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Grudge match set-up...grrrrr

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Well the rivalry between various sets of fans on this forum has been stirring for a while in recent times and sometimes has boiled over....:eek:

Time to put your management skills forward to represent your team. This will be a grudge match set-up versus rival fans...










So here's how it will work:

- Liverpool fans v Man U fans V Chelsea fans v Arsenal fans V ? fans - the question mark could represent any team or any collection of teams depending on interest (e.g Tottenham fans/Championship team fans/Celtic fans/ Serie A fans could be examples of teams depending on interest. There could even be 8 teams.

- Once all applications are in teams will be decided and managers within the teams will be decided either by allocated captains or by me :D

- There will inevitably be waiting lists formed for each team - this will be a long-lasting set-up I hope and people will get chances (also there will be the incentive of prizes see below)

- Teams will get points according to performances (scoring system to be formulated)

- Once captains have been decided, the captains will meet virtually in some form and sit and choose the clubs for their team. Each captain will choose one club at a time for their team. The captain will then decide which managers will manage which club for their team through any way they wish (direct allocation/random draw etc.)

The Prizes :) :

- Not sure yet but am considering the following:

- Manager of the season - standard set-up (judged each season)

- Golden Manager (best manager over 3 seasons) - Gold membership (judged every 3 seasons)

- Manager of season/Golden manager will be decided by a select panel (to be decided). It will not necessarily be the manager with the best record, winning league manager. I will be looking for great feats and achievements as well so don't be afraid of getting a small club. It may even increase your chance of winning these awards.

What to do now?

- I don't want any request for teams/suggestions re:rules/PMs re:ideas etc. at the moment. At the moment, just show interest by putting the name of the acount you will be using and the team you would be willing to represent. Remember, it does not have to be Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal, or Chelsea. Just put your team and if we get enough supporters from your team they will be represented (perhaps amalgamated with others).

- Unfortunately, some will have to be put on a waiting list I suspect, so please don't be too disappointed if this is the case :o

- The set-up will be made in around 2 weeks and possibly earlier (currently a couple of deadlines I have to meet)

- Anyone found to be causing trouble/mischief on this thread may well be excluded/booted, let's keep it friendly lads

- Most importantly remember you are representing your teams fans. Pride is at steak ;)

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Re: Grudge match set-up...grrrrr

Re: Grudge match set-up...grrrrr No probs m8. You're in. Contact George for your choice of team.

Re: Grudge match set-up...grrrrr

Just to confirm:

- Please put the team you support and not teams you are wanting in the set-up. We are simply forming teams for now. Club allocation will be decided later :)

- There should be plenty of spaces ;)

Well I am definitely not going Dunfermline Athletic, so have fun in the setup everybody, great idea as well :)

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Re: Grudge match set-up...grrrrr

Well I am definitely not going Dunfermline Athletic' date=' so have fun in the setup everybody, great idea as well :)[/quote']

Ross mate, you are not saying anything about the team you want to or are going to be...Its just to sort out groups..

I am not going to be Newcastle

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Re: Grudge match set-up...grrrrr

So far:

Liverpool fans

Kevin Heaton

Mr. Smartdoc 2


Ben Reado

Man U fans

Kuldeep Samra

Mitu Ahmed

Daniel Murphy

Joe Charley

Arsenal fans


Chelsea fans


Lucas Leiva

Unassigned teams (for now)

Welshman - Newcastle

Birmingham City - Birmingham

Tom Sinar - West Brom

Nick Justice - West Ham

Yeti-Dog - Blackburn

Ross Philip - Dunfermline

tom1up - Norwich/Inter Milan

If I've missed someone will try and pick them up as we're going along. Also happy for others to keep this updated with everyone showing interested. Those of you not supporting Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal or Chelsea don't worry. There may be up to 4 other teams created as people show interest e.g we might go for a combined midlands fans team, or a combined scottish teams fans team or a comined Serie A fans team as possible teams. Other possiblities include a rest of the premiership fans team or a championship sides fans team.

Also the team you ae putting down will not be the team you will get. Anyone could get Barcelona or Milan or Madrid. This bit is just to form rival teams. Hope that's not confusing :)

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