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Re: 01:00 Gmt - Wc2017 well, If I do join then I will be going for Roma or a team very similar in size as I will never compete with you all for the bigger teams.... Thats if I can get my mum to let

Re: 01:00 Gmt - Wc2017

Re: 01:00 Gmt - Wc2017 ross add me on msn im : danny-b123@hotmail.com

Re: 01:00 Gmt - Wc2017

Yes but at 1am' date=' it doesn't really matter whether it was GMT or whatever.

Everyone was on at 1am, and it was 1am I got both of them. Welshman was on at the same time so I'm not lying.[/quote']

Calm down buddy, i'm not accusing you of lying, I was just pointing it out incase you got the teams last week or so. If it was 1am then fair enough, it deems my comment irrelevant, but no less truthful! ;)

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Re: 01:00 Gmt - Wc2017

The reply was..

There are numerous setups during the day which are bought by members of SM' date=' feel free to join them.


Typical :rolleyes:

I lost loads of sleep cos of this and I'm tired to death! :D

I wonder if they read it, most likely a computer generated response..

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