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Kevin's Big 4 Changes!

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Re: Kevin's Big 4 Changes!

I want to make a comment on Reina. I actually think he's a very good keeper with a good all round game, but particularly good as a shot-stopper, who was going to rise to 94 till having the bad patch. And I don't have him in any of my teams. Mascherano is just a dubious one though. No way is he that good. Also he single-handedly won you so many penalty shoot-outs. He's the huge reason to why Liverpool have done well in cup competitions

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Re: Kevin's Big 4 Changes! I must say I'm a little bit disappointed by some of the statements made on this thread so far regarding Liverpool (but then again i'm biased... ). Yes, we are 4th in the le

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Re: Kevin's Big 4 Changes!

Re: Kevin's Big 4 Changes!

Well last night he was at fault for the first goal. Thats one in the last game.

Tbh, the shot was hit just to the right and above his shoulder, which you can't reach easily when it is blasted that hard, lets face it, it bust the net, that shot was so powerful.

To save it, he would of had to take it in the face lol, and even then, he cant move his neck that fast.

Hardly a mistake, more like an unstopable shot.

Something I just realised, Almunia didn't run out at Babel and put him under any pressure, he stayed in his goal and let Fabregas run after him, then Babel won the game by scoring the fourth goal.

But people don't go "Oh my god, Almunia makes loads of mistakes!" do they...

I know Reina would of charged out at Babel (if he was at arsenal) and put babel under alot of pressure to score.

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