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Oier Olazabal


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]came across this youngster on footy Mgr so decided to see if he really existed,,dont think anyone mentioned him before, but apologies if have..

Barça B has a new face.This is Oier Olazabal, a 17-year-old goalkeeper who comes from the youth of the Royal Union of Irun. Trains with first team keeper coach

Oier Olazabal has become the first addition to Barça B of the 2007-08 season. The goalkeeper basque, only 17 years old, comes from the youth of the Royal Union Irun, and has signed an agreement for the next 5 seasons. He was almost signed by Madrid...but has stated a desire to play for Barca,

He made his debut for FC Barcelona in the 2-2 draw against CD Alcoyano in the Copa del Rey on January 2nd 2008. He is now Barca third choice keeper,,and apparently attracted interest from several clubs inc Liverpool

,,,does anyone knows anymore on this kid ??? Barca always having keeper trouble so encouraging if there is a new kid on the block,,,

not on DB yet,,,,but one to look out for i think


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