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Turkish Rating Changes


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Hey all,

i m from Turkey and ll try to help about next rating changes.

Because of bad season , most of Besiktas players ll not change or they ll decrease. but some players must rise like serdar ozkan , tello , delgado , Aydin Karabulut and our new transfer filip holosko ( holosko just moved to besiktas from manisa and he already scored many times) . Bobo is good player but he s not playing well for a long time and i m expecting him to decrease (his rating s 90 now)

I don t ve to talk about fenerbahce too much. most of them ll rise like Deivid De Souza , alex, gokhan gonul , volkan demirel , colin kazim , aurelio and Ugur Boral ... i think roberto carlos ll decrease bec he s injured after first sevilla match and he couldn t recover yet. gokcek wederson played instead of him .

Galatasaray had interesting season. Even they didn t play well , now they are tittle challenger :) arda turan , mehmet topal , serkan calik , baris ozbek must rise.

Kayserispor players Mehmet Topuz ,Gokhan Unal, Mehmet Eren and Toledo must rise. You should think seriously about Mehmet Topuz and Gokhan Unal. They are simply great...(+3)

Sivasspor players Mehmet Yildiz, Ivan Cvetkov must rise.

Büyükşehir Belediyespor players Necati Ates and Ibrahim Akin must rise.

Trabzonspor players Ibrahim Yattara and Baris Memis must rise...

And Gokdeniz Karadeniz just moved to Russian team Zenit and he already scored 4 times, he ll rise.

our last international squad was like that , it can give you clue...

Volkan Demirel, Mehmet Aurelio, Uğur Boral, Yasin Çakmak, Gökhan Gönül, Selçuk Şahin (Fenerbahçe), Hakan Kadir Balta, Servet Çetin, Sabri Sarıoğlu, Mehmet Topal, Arda Turan (Galatasaray), Rüştü Reçber, Serdar Özkan, Gökhan Zan (Beşiktaş), Mehmet Yıldız (Sivasspor), Gökhan Ünal (Kayserispor), Tolga Zengin (Trabzonspor), Gökhan Emreciksin (MKE Ankaragücü), Remzi Giray Kaçar (Gençlerbirliği OFTAŞ Spor), Mustafa Sarp (Bursaspor), Emre Aşık (Ankaraspor), Nihat Kahveci (Villarreal), Gökdeniz Karadeniz (Rubin Kazan), Tuncay Şanlı (Middlesbrough), Halil Altıntop (Schalke 04), Hamit Altıntop (Bayern Münih), Yıldıray Baştürk (Stuttgart), Tümer Metin (Larissa), Mevlüt Erdinç (Sochaux), Caner Erkin (CSKA Moskova)

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Re: Turkish Rating Changes

His rating s already 86. He plays regularly for Fenerbahce and if you saw Champions Leauge matches, he caused problems for other team defenders even he s a right back.

He increased 15 last time so you can think he ll not rise again but it ll not be surprise for me, if he hit 89-90...

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Re: Turkish Rating Changes

Im finding this thread hard to understand' date=' who's rising and who's falling?

can't you just write a list saying who should increase/decrease and what to?:confused:[/quote']

He's trying to put a spin on it mate, trying to make it a tad different. Remember that he's new, I actually also did a thread like this when I first joined (it was also Turkish ratings). It was awful lol! :o

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Re: Turkish Rating Changes

i m besiktas fan.

gokdeniz moved rubin kazan , sorry i said zenit (fatih tekke moved there :) )

is it really hard to understand who ll fall / rise ?


serdar ozkan (+ 1 )

tello (+ 1)

delgado (+ 1 / 2)

Aydin Karabulut (+ 4 )

filip holosko (+ 1 / 2)

Bobo (-1)


Deivid De Souza (+ 1 )

alex (+ 1 )

gokhan gonul (+ 2 / 3 )

volkan demirel (+ 1 / 3)

colin kazim (+ 1 / 3 )

aurelio (+ 1 )

Ugur Boral (+ 1 / 2 )

gokcek wederson ( +1 )

Appiah (- 3 or more)

Roberto Carlos (-1 )


arda turan (+ 1 / 2 )

mehmet topal (+ 1 )

serkan calik (+ 1 )

baris ozbek (+ 1 )


Mehmet Topuz (+ 2 / 3)

Gokhan Unal ( + 1 / 3)

Mehmet Eren (+ 1 )

Toledo will rise (+1 )


Mehmet Yildiz (+ 1 / 2)

Ivan Cvetkov will rise ( + 1 )


Ibrahim Yattara (+ 1 / 2 )

Baris Memis (+ 1 )

Gokdeniz Karadeniz (+ 2) (just moved to Rubin Kazan)

Büyükşehir Belediyespor

Necati Ates (+ 1 /2 )

Ibrahim Akin (+ 1 )

is it ok now ? :rolleyes:

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Re: Turkish Rating Changes

Did you miss ALI TURAN??

Playing for Kayserispor and only rated 83!!

25(28) games 3 subs 2315 mins. The most game time by any defender in the side.

The average rating for the defenders in this side is 87. Certain to hit 86 but I believe he should be on par or if not +1 more to coincide with his status in the team. Jumped 3 points last rating and should see a big increase this time.

87 for me.

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Re: Turkish Rating Changes

I feel that you have been slightly optimistic with the predictions. I dont think Appiah will fall by 3. Maybe by 1 or 2. SM might just decrease him slowly, they usually do that rather than give a massive decrease to start off with. E.g. We didnt see Eduardo going down to 87;) . Other than that its good work, and since you are new, you will get experience as you do more and more rating chnages forecasts. Rep to get you started;) . Good work for now:)

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