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Question About 3-5-2

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Re: Question About 3-5-2

Also on the subject of 352' date=' in midfield i tend to line up


W - CM - CM - W

The results i've had haven't been bad and i win more than i lose but i was wondering if it would be better to use a RM and a LM instead. Or does it make no difference?[/quote']

wingers or RM/LM make no difference in those positions, i exclusively use wingers and i haven't lost in 18 games (won ALL 18 games) with my one team.

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Re: Question About 3-5-2

it dont make no difference what formation, what tactics, what players you use. the results are just a throw of a dice. they randamly thrown out of a machine that have no significance what team, tactics etc you pick. i look at hundereds of games and analyze then and still i can not see anything at all to sugest that its nothing other than chance. a perfect example of this is my man u team's last result. i am currently undefeated so far, well apart from this unbeleivable result, and i am scoring goals for fun. however i managed to get spanked of blackburn 5-1. yes it happens, but not as often as it happens on this game. check it out. not bad for a team that only had 5 shots.


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