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Great World Money Making Risers

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World Rating Changes This is a review of the “World Rating Changes” Between Kyle Turner and Liverpool99. This thread tells you about the + 3 risers across the whole world. Obviously there are a few c

Re: Great World Money Making Risers ok cheers for your opinions section 1 should be posted later today as i am working on it now;)

Re: Great World Money Making Risers Argentina Carlos Quintana 20 rated 78 CB 4 starts, 362 mins Should rise to 81 Maximiliano Laso 20 rated 76 CM/AM 1 start, 5 subs, 148 mins Should rise to 79

Re: Great World Money Making Risers

yh but we had to consider all countries we could find stats for so australia was a good country to do as sm has not reviewed it for around 6 months

Can you review Ecuador then? I know for a fact that there are a LOT of players itching for rises... I also know that Ecuadorian football is much better than Australian football, and the ratings reflect that.

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Re: Great World Money Making Risers

Agree with insider and Deveneey... Faccioli should be getting a handy rise as he has played more than the likes of Jose Sand and Diego Valeri in the Clausura. You guys seem to be getting your stats just from the Apertura and this info can be slightly misleading. There needs to be more effort and hard work to do these ratings, and the stats have to be spot on. When you are deciding on the changes a player will get... you will have to look at the rest of the team as well and how many games he got since his last rating change. Its not just about looking at the stats and deciding player x will get a +3. Anyways... you asked for feedback and this is mine:) .

PS: As Deveneey said, NEVER argue with insider:D

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Guest msissio

Re: Great World Money Making Risers

This thread has really helped because I have bought some of these players and they have risen hurray for me good thread I will give you +rep asap

Punctuatuin missing from above statement: ..,

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Re: Great World Money Making Risers

Here we go section 4 is now added please reply good or bad comments

Could not find any stats for last seasons games but if anyone else can find any please post them on this thread


Mate Junior Simao 19 rated 80 CB/DM (84)

7 starts' date=' 8 subs, 704 mins

Should rise to 83

Andreas Lambropoulos 19 rated 74 F [b'](76:o)[/b]

1 start, 6 subs, 161 mins

Should rise to 77

Kyle Turner and Liverpool99

Here is the review of the Greek League, in BOLD is the rating that they increased to.

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Re: Great World Money Making Risers


Gonul Gokhan 23 rated 86 RB 88

19 starts' date='1 sub, 1762 mins

Should rise to 89

Topal Mehmet 22 Rated 84 CM/RM [b']87[/b]

17 starts, 5 subs, 1 goal, 1510 mins

Should rise to 87

Badur Sezer 23 rated 77 AM 83:eek:

10 starts, 8 subs, 1 goal, 1060 mins

Should rise to 80/81

Karabulut Aydin 20 rated 72 LM No Rise Yet:confused:

4 starts, 6 subs, 1 goal, 394 mins

Should rise to 75/76

Ali Turan 24 rated 83 CB No Rise Yet:confused:

25 starts, 3 subs, 2315 mins

Should rise to 86

Colgecen Koray 22 rated 80 CBRB No Rise Yet:confused:

19 starts, 3 goals, 1738 mins

Should rise to 84

Ilgar Gurbanov 21 rated 82 F No Rise Yet:confused:

1 start, 10 subs, 221 mins, 1 goal

Should rise to 84

This is a review of the Turkish Rating Changes. By Kyle Turner and Liverpool99. As you can see, The Numbers in BOLD are the ratings they increased to. Also as you can see a number of them have not risen yet:)


Kyle Turner

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