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world championship 2

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Hey guys. I feel like doing some reviews, so I decided to do World 2 again.

If someone can give me details of all of the forumers in this setup, I will forward them to Les Bian and Steve Stevens so they can do the results. I may also ask Adam Adams if he would like to do a feature match.

First review will be a feature of tomorrow's cup tie, Internazionale vs CSKA Moskva, with Adam Adams.

Who would like this?

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I'll edit with the list later


Dear lord! What a huge thread, the wc2 reviews one!

HEre is the list, whit some names missing, but, what the heck, better than nothing.

Baseball Furie (A.S.S) (49) Everton

Kev Carlisle (47) Chievo

craig smith (wc2_wc60) (69) Internazionale

Navdeep Sandhu (67) Juventus

kev che (42) Lazio

sir ash carroll (36) Milan

Felix Haigh (44) Roma

Fraser McInnes (69) Sampdoria

Steven Tebbutt (45) Athletic Bilbao

Danny Williams (A.S.S) (44) Atlético Madrid

paco gonzalez (69) Barcelona

Razza Hooley (43) Mallorca

Jonathan Thompson (50) PSV

Dan Payne (68) FC Porto

Lee Bradbury Dont Swap (47) CSKA Moskva

Ryan Nolan (32) Boca Juniors

kamil marzec (69) Auxerre

Jehan Bilimoria (51) Lyon

Legend Neller (56) Marseille

Ryan Delf (56) Rennes

Sir Bobo (47) Fenerbahçe

Thats Grate (44) Club Brugge

Yuri Laszlo Broggio Silva (47) Olympiakos

leamington steve (44) Panathinaikos

alan[snr] neller (43) Hamburger SV

PS: Lee, why don't you make the review in that thread instead of here? It will lokk better.

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i would like see this, forumers in wc2 as far as i know

sam wainwright - everton

kev carlisle - chievo

fraser mcinnes - sampdoria

craig smith - inter

me - juventus

sir ash carroll - milan

felix haigh - roma

pierce joneson - parma (not 100% sure)

steven tebbutt - athletco bilbao

danny williams - atletico madrid

razza hooley - mallorca

jake storey - valencia

dan payne - porto

kevg - sporting

one who smells, you know who you are :) - cska

magdalena sakoman - zenit

reggio - senior forum member - santos

kamil marzec - auxerre

jehan bilimoria - lyon

bobo - fenerbache

yuri - olympiakos

harry memic - hamburg

oliver storey - celtic (think he his)

and thats it, will lee be able to keep this going past 2 weeks :o gonna be a tough job, im willing to help out with my game though.

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Big Match Preview.

It's a massive night for CSKA Moskva in the World Champ Shield tonight as they face division 1 tour de force Internazionale of Milan.

Time to get the lowdown on the teams, pitchside, with Steve Stevens.

Team News-CSKA.

With Jo recalled by Inter and Josip Tadic recently sent on loan to Santos, Lee Bradbury only has Ivica Olic and loanee Johan Vonlanthen as his attacking options. Influential defender Sergei Ignashevich is out injured, so Cetin Servet will play alongside Vadim Evseev at centre back. Eduardo Bruno Alves replaces an unfit Chidi Odiah at right back, with Dudu Cearense coming in for Daniel Carvalho, as CSKA line up in a 4-1-4-1 formation.

Team News-Inter.

Jo has been recalled as he is the only Inter player who is not cup-tied. Sanli Tuncay is injured. Inter are expected to field a reserve squad tonight, so expect to see Reina, Gonzalez, Landzaat and maybe Sahin Nuri to see some action.

We now join Les Bian live, outside the San Siro, to see what he thinks the outcome will be tonight.

Well Adam, Craig Smith is bossing the top division at the minute with a world-class squad, and spirits are the highest they have been in the blue side of Milan for a long time. The team should be pretty confident.

However, CSKA have been magnificent this season under Lee Bradbury, and knocked Juve out the cup about a month ago. They are a small, but versatile squad who love to attack and press for the ball. But I can see Bradbury being a bit more cautious tonight and playing defensively, packing the midfield and trying to strangle the opposition's hold on the game. If their gameplan works tonight, it may not be as easy for Inter as some may think, but I can see the Italians winning in the end.

Steve Stevens and Les Bian, thank you.

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And now to the match highlights with Adam Adams.

Kick off.

4th min:Oh it's a good low save by Nikopolidis, that's the first real chance of the match!

5th min:Oh, and Mascherano's onside here, just the keeper to beat, and...oh, he's scuffed the shot, what a waste.

6th:CSKA hitting on the break here, and Pedro Mendes is onside, he shoots, and, oh what a great save from Pepe Reina, wonderful reflexes!

20th:Olic is trying to win the ball, and he's pulled the defender back. The referee books Olic for shirt pulling.

21st:Now, Mascherano, what can he do? He shoots...Oh and it's wide, good effort though from 25 yards.

22nd:Pedro Mendes, oh, lovely turn to beat the defender, but he's rushed his shot and it's cleared. We have a game on our hands now!

25th:The cross comes in, Jo rises...and scores! Goal for Inter! Jo, against the club who have had him on loan all season, scores against them in the cup here! Fabulous header!1-0 Inter!

31:Oh, the referee's reaching into his pocket, yellow card for Dudu Cearense, I think for dissent.

33:Here's Moulida with the strike...Oh it's off the bar! How unlucky!

36:The shot...and it's a good save to prevent Inter a second goal.

40:Heinze's in space here, he has lots of time to shoot, but he's rushed it, and that's an easy catch.

So at half time it's 1-0 to Inter Milan, but it certainly isn't one sided.

2nd Half.

49:Ronaldo's shot, and it's off the line! My goodness that was close!

52:Evseev's going to try a long one here, he has, and....ooh it's just over from 30 yards!

54:Oh that's a lovely ball over the top, and it's one-on-one with the keeper, but Nikopolidis makes the block.

60:The shot.........it's in! No wait! Nikopolidis has saved it on the line! How very close that was!

61:Inter are enjoying this passage of play here, but CSKA are defending well. Mascherano's shot...and it's off the post, and in the net!!! 2-0! Javier Mascherano gets Inter's second! It's a bit harsh on Moskva but you could see it coming really.

65:Oooh off the bar! It's still in play, and Reina saves the rebound! Good save!

69:Yuri Zhirkov now, trying to get CSKA back into this absorbing cup tie. But he's shot wide...

75:Well this has been the most boring part of the game......where's my damn latte?

81:Another good save by Jose Reina! Lovely tip over the bar!

82: Inter are breaking here. It's found Heinze on the edge of the box....WHAT A GOAL!!! The ball curled in sublimely! 3-0 now, and I can't see any way back in for the Russians now, what a shame.

83:Oh that's a rash elbow by Aldonin, and he's lucky to escape with a booking.

87:Oh, lovely ball, Olic.....Just wide! that just about sums up their night.

It's full time here at the San Siro, Internazionale 3, CSKA Moskva 0.

I've been Adam Adams, thank you for your time.

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