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countering 3-5-2

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Re: countering 3-5-2

I've always found that 3-4-1-2 works best indeed i've been the victim as historically I tend to play 3-5-2 as a default and against 3-4-1-2 I had too many losses to just put down to a dodgy AI. 3-4-1-2 is a more attacking version of 3-5-2 as the "1" (your AM) is slightly further forward than your midfielders in a 3-5-2. If you play an attacking style your two forwards and supporting AM will get lots of chances to score. 3-5-2 only has 2 forwards hence you can afford the luxury of 3 at the back (i prefer either 3 CB's or if I'm lucky a RB/CB, CB and LB/CB combo). You can play with 4 at the back however if you go this route, where do you make the cuts as if you leave yourself too light in the midfield you could have problems. The other alternative is 4-3-1-2 as per Stodge/KGosser, esp if you've decent central midfielders.

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