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New Setup - Aquinas Super8s

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I've Made another Custom Setup...NOW LIVE

It will be Private Application for the start, then open to public

NO buying from Unmanaged clubs rule in effect

Sign up here to reserve your club if you wish to participate

Aquinas Super8s

Divisions - 4

Clubs per Div - 8

From: Australia, England, Italy, Spain

Promotion/Relegation - 2

Lightweights start league at a higher division, Heavyweight clubs start lower in the league. Australian Clubs start division One and try remain as high as possible before European domination starts to sink in.

League Overview

Division One

  • Adelaide United
  • Central Coast
  • Melbourne Victory
  • Newcastle Jets
  • Perth Glory
  • Sydney FC
  • Queensland Roar
  • Wellington Phoenix

Division Two

  • Espanyol
  • Manchester City
  • Newcastle United (Taken)
  • Palermo
  • Tottenham Hotspur (Taken)
  • Udinese
  • Villarreal
  • Zaragoza

Division Three

  • Arsenal (Taken)
  • Atl├ętico Madrid (Taken)
  • Everton
  • Fiorentina
  • Juventus (Taken)
  • Lazio
  • Liverpool (Taken)
  • Sevilla (Taken)

Division Four

  • Barcelona (Taken)
  • Chelsea (Taken)
  • Internazionale (Taken)
  • Manchester United (Taken)
  • Milan (Taken)
  • Real Madrid (Taken)
  • Roma (Taken)
  • Valencia (Taken)

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