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EXTRA Important Poll


EXTRA Important Poll  

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Well, not thaaattt important :D

I'm after a new PC (should be getting it in summer) but have 1 major problem. It comes with Windows Vista - they all do nowadays, however should I keep Vista or install XP?

I ask this because from what I hear, Vista:

- Uses a lot (almost too much) of RAM.

- Slows down the system.

- Is full of Bugs since the debugging is not finished yet.

- Does not give you much advantage bar style.

Now I've never had experience of Vista, so cannot comment myself - it's only what I hear. On the other hand, XP is as reliable and fast as ever - I'm used to it anyway, and never gave me too many problems.


So, let's say I have Windows 95. XP and Vista come out together. Which do I choose?

It's in your hands :)

Besides voting, could you please leave comments too? Experienced members could leave their own thoughts from their experience using it, while others can base their knowledge on what they hear.



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Re: EXTRA Important Poll

I use Vista mostly as i prefer it to my XP system which according to all the features should be faster:eek: ...But i haven't had any problems with my Vista and it seems to run smoothely for me so why not...looks way better too.:)

Hope this helps...;)

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Guest melbguy1

Re: EXTRA Important Poll

Without knowing the specs of your new computer it's hard to comment. You should look at the minimum requirements of Vista and if your machine far exceeds it then Vista is the only way to go. Vista is really nice.

If you play certain games ect you should search through gamer forums to see if it's playable in Vista as Vista is known to have some compitibility issues with older software.

Service Pack 1 has come out for Vista which has fixed many of the issues that users experienced with the 1st Vista be sure to install that, but it should come bundled in already.

If it's going to be a gaming machine then you should stick to XP SP2.

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Re: EXTRA Important Poll

I use Vista and regard it as superior to XP (my opinion only), if you are going to use Vista though, you are advised to have a MINIMUM of 2gig Ram.

Dual core processor too will be an advantage.

If you are buying a new PC or Laptop, then you will almost certainly get Vista with it........................since the SP 1 release, many of the bugs have now disappeared (how many SP's are there for XP?) but you can expect bugs in any new operating system.

I find Vista is far more secure than any of the past OS's and love all of the 'Eye Candy' you get with it too.


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Re: EXTRA Important Poll

It should be something along the following lines, which is one of the better ones (very expensive too :(), but should last a few years :D I think Vista should work fine with it, so I'll try it first - it comes with Vista anyway :P


Intel Core2QUAD Q9300 Processor


512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT graphics card


CORSAIR 4GB DDR2 Memory (Lifetime Warranty)

Hard Disk:

500Gb SATA2 7200rpm Hard Disk


Pioneer BDC-202BK Blu-Ray Reader/DVD Writer


Coolermaster CM690 ATX Case + 750W High End PSU


AG Neovo 22” Wide 3ms TFT Monitor


Logitech Cordless Keyboard & Mouse

+ Logitech 5.1 Speakers

Operating System:

Microsoft Genuine Windows Vista Home PREMIUM


Up to 3 Years Limited Warranty*

Might be slightly less as this one might be a little out of my budget. One thing's forsure - I want a quad! Might get a smaller screen and remove the surround sound to try to get a cheaper price. I'll start checking things out early June. But yeah, it's something along the above lines.

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