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Club Rivals

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also chelsea have prob taken over as liverpools main rivals every liverpool fan ive spoke to hates them more than man utd and wants to beat them more

i don't understand is it man u or chelsea?? also i can understand the jealousy of the septics but surely the larger the fanbase the more money coming into the club, whereas lets be honest there is not that much disposable income floating around amongst you mickeys!!! so this youngsters 'policy' of hating any one more successful than themselves and the jealousy involved is a by-product of thatchers britain!!!!!!!!! ;)

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tottenhams main rivals i suppose would be any London club - namely Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Charlton.

Also think we have a good rivalry with Man U, though this is from my experience of seeing so many good games between the two, so not sure if others agree that this is classed as 'rivalry' as originally meant by Stegore.

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Yes...? It was a great game. Arsenal are superior to Spurs so still amazed we scored that many - a good example of the rivalry between the two clubs.

Any more suggestions for Ste guys? If we keep the posts good and relevant we will be helping ourselves.

wat about man u v arsenal

barca v real madrid

chelsea v barca!!!!!

man u v chelsea

wat about liverpool? hmmm.......

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']They do say the Latin American clubs are the worst.' date='Estudiantes v Racing etc,. :)[/quote']

Every time a classic like Boca v River PLate, or Velez Sarsfield v Boca or River v Velez is played, the organization forbids fans of the away team to enter the stadium with that team shirt..and, even doing this, every agme someone dies, or get really bad injuried..

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Guest SM Dev (Ste)

Re: Club Rivals

I am closing this thread as it is from August 2006. There is a thread in relation to club rivals/derby matches created for any we may have missed out.

Please Note: If you are going to post on that thread could you please ensure you read my first post.

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