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Re: Mexican ratings

Will Ricardo adan Jimenez of Atlas increase further? He was a good riser last time round but will he rise further or shall i sell?

I don't think so. He wasn't in the team at the end of last season as they had a disappointing end to the season and dropped out of the Libertadores, and he hasn't played this season.

He's their backup CB, nothing too special. Even then, Omar Flores is the first player to step in at the back if someone is missing. Robles, Vidrio and Torres are so versatile, that usually if someone is injured or suspended, Flores comes in at CB and those 3 shuffle around to fill DM, LB or RB.

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Re: Mexican ratings

anyone know if vidrio will rise again?

Could do.

To be honest it's an awkward time to have the Mexican ratings, as the season has not-long started and often teams will make several changes to their squad from one season to the next.

Atlas especially swap 3 or 4 of their non-mexicans each season (which is half a season to us - July to Dec and Jan-May). But Vidrio has always been in the squad, he's not one of the main players in the lineup but is reliable and versatile.

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