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English Championship 39

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Bolton, Runout League Winners totaling 94 points after thier games, followed by Newcastle, all but 24 points away. Top Scorer Henrik Larrson, Winner of the Golden Boot Helped Bolton to the League Title.

Going Down are Birmingham West Ham and Wigan, with the Birmingham Manager saying he is willing to sell any player for £50,000. Its tipped though, that Despite His team finishing Bottom, the signings he has made, such as Sergio Ramos, shall send hi straight back up.

Leeds and Sheffield United got no where last season. Joined By Crewe, they filled the relegation slots and drifted into League 1, where they'll be greeted By Newcomers Peterborough, Carlsile and Colchester. Its Expected that Leeds and Sheffield United will go up with no Problem, But Crewe have lost Good players and will struggle to stay Up.

Preston, QPR and Stoke, were at the Oppostite end to The relegated Guys. They managed to beat the rest of the teams and secured Promotion, all be it 10 points seperating 3rd from 8th.

All three teams will need to sign new faces to stay up in a challenging Premiership Line up, which saw A Favoured West Ham team Go down.

Nottingham Forrest Ran out as League 1 Winners, with Plymouth and Rotherham putting on a fiery surge towards the end of the season, Rotherham Nicking Promotion by 3 points. Large Revenue is set to drift in from St Andrews and Upton Park for them.

Walsall, Barnsley and Oxford dropped out, not putting up much of a fight, Oxford Winning only 5 games.

In League 2, Peterborough walked over everyone, with Manager Matt Barnes appearing on the Top managers list. He pulled off a complete Coo, with most of his team rated under 80, but squad rotation worked for Him.

Carlisle, Colchester Manager Aaron Smith's Previous Team Finished Second, with New Manager James Blackwell taking over from Sarah cornwall. Niether manager changed Aaron Smith's Team, nor made a Sale or Signing. Gary Cahill on Loan from Aston Villa Starred for them in Defence.

Colchester Luckilly Secured Promotion on the last day with an uncertain draw seeing them through at the expence of Chesterfield. With many new signings, thier squad boasts the highest Rated players from the three promoted teams, including newly signed Titus Bramble on loan from Real Madrid, Gordon Marshall from Motherwell for nearly £50,000 in Goal and Costacurta, signed for £20,000 from AC Milan, not to mention, many more.

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Re: English Championship 39

why is this thread frozen??lets discus about some transfers..i have some money for spending on big talents' date='if someone needs money and have what i need please send me message..sorry for my english lads

birmingham city[/quote']

Hey dont apologise for your english mate :)

This thread wont have many replies as not many people are in english championship 39

I hope to hear how you get on this season

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Re: English Championship 39

New Manager at Anfield!

Tom Pham joins Anfield as their new manager. He will be expected a succesful and long era under his guidance. He had an interview with Super Sports yesterday.


Hello Tom, how happy are you when signing this deal to manage Liverpool?


I am very happy. We have a very strong squad with many quality players. Our depth is something that I will improve. We have a healthy bank balance which will enable me to buy new players.


So how are you fielding your team for the upcoming match against Leeds United?


Oh, well, I love to play 3 defenders with Liverpool and this is no exception. My formation will be 3-5-2 and it will look like this.




Juninho----Gerrard----Xabi Alonso----Stankovic



Who are you trying to sign?


I have made bids to many players and I am chasing transfer listed Petr Cech as well as defender Fernando Meira and attacker Adrian Mutu. I am also chasing Luis Gonzalez, Wesley Sneijder, Paul Scholes, and Diego Milito, all of Manchester United.


Thank you and good luck.

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