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BBC's Premiership goal of the season

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Here's the link to the BBC's premiership goal of the season. Regular devotees will recognise many of these goals:

To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets plus travel to watch a Premier League team of your choice, use your skill and judgement to try to match our panel's favourite goal from the last 10 months.

Here are the goals in contention:

Goal 1. Charles N'Zogbia

Middlesbrough v NEWCASTLE (26 August)

Goal 2. Emmanuel Adebayor (second goal)

Tottenham v ARSENAL (15 September)

Goal 3. Carlos Tevez (first goal)

MAN UTD v Middlesbrough (27 October)

Goal 4. Luke Young

MIDDLESBROUGH v Tottenham (3 November)

Goal 5. Tuncay

Derby v MIDDLESBROUGH (15 December)

Goal 6. Cristiano Ronaldo

MAN UTD v Portsmouth (30 January)

Goal 7. Daryl Murphy

SUNDERLAND v Wigan (9 February)

Goal 8. Cristiano Ronaldo

MAN UTD v Aston Villa (29 March)

Goal 9. Stiliyan Petrov

Derby v ASTON VILLA (12 April)

Goal 10. Fabio Rochemback

MIDDLESBROUGH v Man City (11 May)

Enjoy, just thought i'd alert forumers to this competition.

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Re: BBC's Premiership goal of the season

No' date=' number 7 in the list...against Wigan....

I thought Larsson's was a dead cert to be a contender at least[/quote']

Wigan or Portsmouth, cant remember which one,

but i remember a scream when he hit it top left corner from the right and it just clipped the post going in.

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Re: BBC's Premiership goal of the season

I thought Tevez's goal was the best because it was worked beautifully' date=' but if i had to pick on the shot alone, i would go for Luke Young, man that flew :D[/quote']

"Luke Young with an absolute MISSILE"

The commentator said:o :P

"Charles N'Zogbia with an absolute FIRE CRACKER"

Said the commentator:p

Thats the two that stood out. I also liked a goal by Kevin Nolan against Blackburn but i guess its not as good as some of the ones here. Turned around and struck a peach. Brill technique. Nolan's Amazing goal against Blackburn

Also i think it was David Healy against Sunderland who scored a brill curler.

And finally, if Oba's volley against Liverpool had gone in, no question on the goal of the season, stupid crossbar.lol.

Oba against Liverpool

The chosen 10 were good choices but i can't choose one lol. They were all sooo good:o :P

EDIT: Forgot Elano's free kick:o :eek: , that one gave me goose bumps:o :D

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Re: BBC's Premiership goal of the season

I have to admit i am a little suprised that Tuncay's made it to the final 10, excluding the likes of Larsson v Spurs, Elano v Newcastle and Matejovsky v Liverpool.

However, it is still a list of 10 great goals and my favourite has to be Daryl Murphy's - it would be Luke Young's however i felt his was easier as he was simply running onto a rolling/bobbling ball, whereas Murphy did some work to evade a defender before unleashing. I have to say though, that Fabo Rochamback's free-kick was claaasssss :eek:

...hmm i'm beginning to change my mind now i've remembered that :rolleyes:

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