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Bundesliga risers/talents (29 Players in full detail!) -> LKK

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Hey guys, I've decided to do some scouting and I decided to report some great players to you. No matter if they are unnoticed players, big risers or players for the future, I'm here to tell you their names and help you out. If I do well I'll hopefully help you guys out with some of your teams. Here goes guys, cheers!

Also if you're newly visiting this thread all of the risers are in the first post, they're just really long posts containing a maximum of 11 each as that's the capacity of pictures in a post. No need to go through the whole thread, all of the risers are on the big first page. :D


I've found a player named Marcel Höttecke who is currently playing for Borussia Dortmund and is rated 80.


He came from the Dortmund second team. He played for the second team until the 29th matchday where he got to play a game for Dortmund. He also played the 31st, 32nd, 33rd and 34th matchday. All of his games were starts, no subs.

He is of German nationality and his birthday is 25/04/1987 meaning that he's 21 years old. And obviously his position is goalkeeper. I'm pretty sure this is all of the personal information needed.

What's great about this guy is that he's starting in front of Roman Weidenfeller (first string goalkeeper but injured), Marc Ziegler (second string) and Alexander Bade (3rd string, new from Paderborn). And he came straight from the second team.

This guy is definitely one to get.

Also with new coach Klopp coming in to Dortmund you never know how much playing time he'll get. Cheers.


Let's get talking about a player named Diego Benaglio.


He currently plays for VFL Wolfsburg and came in January from Nacional Funchal. He is currently 24 years old and he obviosly is a goalkeeper. Amazingly enough he has taken the spot of veteran keeper Simon Jentsch.

Now let's get blabbing about statistics. He has played 17 games this season, all starts. He received a yellow card in his final game this season against Dortmund. He has been starting since he came. He also has 11 caps for Switzerland and is currently the starting goalkeeper for them. He was the keeper in the 2-0 win over Slovakia. This season for Wolfsburg he has let in 16 goals in 17 games. That's approximately 0.94 goals let in a game. That's a great job for him!

I believe that he's the reason why Wolfsburg pushed themselves up and in the end qualified for a UEFA cup spot in front of some favorites like Stuttgart and Leverkusen. He has possibly been the best keeper this season in the Bundesliga (with Adler) and will hopefully do very well next season.

He's currently rated 88. Go get him. He's definitely going to 89 or 90. Part of this also depends on how he does in the European Championship 2008. However I do feel that he deserves a 90.

I hope that you've enjoyed guys, cheers.


My next player that I'm going to add is Benedikt Howedes.


He is currently playing for Schalke and is 20 years old. This season he has started 3 games and came in 3 times as a sub. Also as a 20 year old starting 1 game and coming in as a sub twice in the Champions league. That will definitely help his rating. He has scored no goals, gotten no assists and received no yellow or red cards in all of his games played that I have mentioned.

He is currently rated at 79. Not a bad rating, however playing at a big named squad like Schalke and getting some Champions league time he definitely deserves more. My assumption is that he'll make it to 83/84 in the next changes. So he's one pretty big risers that you should watch out for.

P.S - I also believe that he plays for the U-19 German national squad. I can definitely see him playing for the Senior national team in the future. Pick him up if you can, he's a bargain. Cheers.


My next find is one of the older one's, but is still worth checking out. His name is Rene Renno.


Rene Renno is a 29 year old goalkeeper currently playing for VFL Bochum. He is the second string keeper behind Lastuvka. This season he got more playing time then he expected. He started 9 games and came in once as a sub in the Bundesliga. The 29 year old let in 11 goals in his 10 games. That's 1.1 goals a game that he let in. That's a good score for a keeper. So he played quite well when in net.

He is currently rated 80 however deserves a higher rating. I'm assuming around 84. That's for now. Bochum have a great back up goalie. I believe that Renno is a good player to get if you're looking for a short term profit. I wouldn't hold on to him to long though because he is getting older.

In not as much related news, he has extended his contract with Bochum meaning that he is a valued player in the team. Maybe next year he'll get some playing time. Lucky for him (and possibly partially due to him) Bochum didn't get relegated and will be playing in the Bundesliga next season. Cheers guys!


The next player is called Branko Jelic.


Branko Jelic is also one of the older players that I'm going to add. Possibly the oldest!! He is currently playing for Energie Cottbus and is 31 years old. Since he came to Cottbus in the Winter transfer period he has been a regular player. He has started 8 games and was subbed in for 7 of the games. That's a total of 15 games played. He scored 3 goals in all of those games. He didn't perform to well, however kept playing for Cottbus which means that the Cottbus value him.

He is currently rated 80 and is a regular for Energie Cottbus who luckily managed to stay in the Bundesliga this season. He is a great player to get if you're looking for a short term profit. With all of this I definitely believe that he deserves an 85!! However if SM feel like being strict that day he might receive an 84. That's still great. Not to mention that due to his age he'll be cheaper to purchase. Cheers guys and be prepared for my next addition.


The next player that I'll be adding is Maicon.


No, this isn't the Maicon that you're thinking of. This Maicon plays for newly relegated Duisburg (unfortunate). He is a midfielder who has started 14 games in the Bundesliga and has had 6 sub ins, scoring 1 goal and getting 1 assist!! Also he received a sub in the 4-0 win in the DFB Pokal. This guy is a young player as well. He is only 22 years old. Not bad, I think this is a great start to his career.

The good thing about this 22 year old is that he is only rated 82!! Good news for anybody who want either a long term prospect of a short term profit. He works as both in my opinion. Due to relegation and his (and his teams) poor performances, he'll probably only reach 85. Still that's +3.

Unfortunately Duisburg got relegated which definitely doesn't help his future, however he might get a transfer to a bigger team (which I doubt). If not he can simply play well in division 2 and hope to get promoted. Still I think that this is a guy for the future. Stay tuned guys!!


Faton Toski is the next player that we'll be discussing.


Faton Toski is a 21 year old midfielder who is currently playing for Eintracht Frankfurt. This guy has played quite a lot this season for Frankfurt who have done very well this season. He has gotten 8 starts and 4 subs. That's 12 games where he has scored 2 goals and gotten two assists. That's pretty impressive for a 21 year old.

Toski is currently rated 80. That's not good enough for this young prospect/riser. I'm sure that with these stats he can get an 84. The Bundesliga is a great league and I think that he is dealing with the quality of style of play well. Check this guy out see if you can get him. Him and Fenin might be the young duo for Frankfurt in the future.

In other news Toski signed a contract in January permitting him to stay with the club until 2011. It seems like he wants to play it safe and stick with Frankfurt, but if he gets an offer from a bigger club I'm sure that he'll be persuaded. Until the next guy, cheers.


Now let's hear some information about Mats Hummels.


Mats Hummels is a 19 year old defender who is on loan from Bayern Munchen. He is playing for Borussia Dortmund. He has started 10 games and was subbed in 3 times. That's a total of 13 games and all for Dortmund. He played every game possible for him to play with the exception of 2. Not to mention that he has played quite decently, this is good for a 19 year old.

I'd also like to mention that he's a U-19 international for Germany and by the way that he's playing he will definitely be able to move to the senior squad in the future.

Hummels will be returning to Bayern again, however I'm sure that he'll be loaned out again. Back to the subject of his rating. He is currently rated 82 and definitely deserves more than that seeing as he's a regular for Dortmund. I think that he can make it to 85. Once again it depends on how SM are feeling, but that's what I think that he deserves. Cheers, until the next report.


The next player to be mentioned is Daniel Halfar.


Daniel Halfar is a 20 striker who is currently playing for Arminia Bielefeld. This season he has gotten 10 starts and 6 subs. That's a total of 16 games in such a respected league. In those games he got 2 assists. He also received a sub in a DFB pokal match. The great thing is that this guy has been playing all of these games since (exactly) the last rating change so he has been a regular for Bielefeld.

Halfar has been a regular, definitely meaning that he deserves a better rating. He is lucky though that Bielefeld managed to stay in division 1. Seeing as he was important for Bielefeld in the second half of the season he will probably get a lot of playing time next season. Currently he's rated 82 which is not good enough for a Bundesliga regular. Like many other players I predict a change to 85 for him. Cheers, until the next report guys.


Alright guys, another oldie coming your way. His name is Rowen Fernandez.


Rowen Fernandez is a 30 year old goalkeeper who is currently playing for Arminia Bielefeld. He has pretty much been the goalie for the second half of the season. Him and his 14 starts and 1 sub are pretty impressive for a goalie in the Bundesliga. He let in on average 1.4 goals a game which is impressive for a team with a weak defense like Bielefeld. Not to mention that he has 17 caps for South Africa!!

Although Fernandez is already old he has a bright future with Bielefeld who luckily kept themselves in the Bundesliga. Starting goalie Hain is being let go after 8 years of playing for the club. Rumours are that Hain's going to St. Pauli but that's a different story. Fernandez performed very well in his performances and will probably be the starting goalkeeper next season so try and pick him up!

The special thing about him is that he's rated 82. Hain is rated 87 so I think that Fernandez deserves a rating of 86 due to the lack of experience. The difference between Fernandez and some of the other players listed is that Fernandez is actually one of the best keepers in the league so it's not just about the playing time.

So remember, a prediction of 86 from yours truly. I really suggest him for a quick profit. He'll be cheap due to his age but you can get a decent starting goalkeeper (in a GC) or just make some cash. It's up to you but I definitely suggest that you get him. Cheers guys, until the next player!

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Re: Bundesliga risers/talents -> LKK

Now we'll talk about Ashkan Dejagah to answer Welshman's question.


Ashkan Dejagah is a 21 year old midfielder who is currently playing for Wolfsburg (as most of you already know). His stats this season are 19 starts and 12 subs totaling 31 games. This is a great amount for a young player. In those games he score 8 goals and got 3 assists. Not to mention the DFB pokal where he started 2 times and was subbed in 3 times. Dejagah had some really good performances however it's hard to judge him due to many subs where you can't always recognize a players ability.

Ashkan Dejagah has some very great skills that you can't find with other players which makes him unique. His strike (amazing, one of the best in the Bundesliga), his speed, his finishing and his ability to get himself to the ball all contribute in his original style. It's a great blend just so you know.

Ashkan Dejagah is rated 87 right now (as Welshy told us) and I agree that he can definitely be higher. For the next rating changes I think that he'll reach 88 unless SM are feeling very, very generous. The reason for me saying this is that due to him not playing any international games with the senior squad (but he does get German U-21 time), not playing in the Champions league and playing in the UEFA Cup really hurts him. He would benefit from some sort of international competition club wise. That's why next season I'm expecting great things from him. He and his team qualified for next years UEFA cup. He'll receive a good rating, however not until later on. You just need to be patient. Until next player guys, cheers.


Now I'll make a post about Sven Ulreich due to Bed's question.


Sven Ulreich is a 19 year old Goaltender who has been important for his current club VFB Stuttgart. He has played 11 games (all starts) which have all been since the last rating changes with the exception of 1 or 2. He is a very consistent keeper who plays very well especially considering his age. He let in 1.45 goals per game (on average) when he played, which isn't bad. He also had 1 poor DFB pokal start.

He has taken over as main keeper and has been playing well. Due to poor performances Schafer (normal first string keeper) is on the bench for Stuttgart leaving room for well performing Ulreich. Next season I'm assuming that Ulreich might be the starting keeper for VFB Stuttgart and that at the age of 19! He is good for a profit however if you get him I'd hold on to him as a long term prospect. This guy will be very successful next season, this season was just him getting on his feet.

He is rated at 84 currently (why I have refrained from already doing a report on him) however definitely deserves much higher seeing as he's the first choice goalkeeper for such a well known club. I'm assuming that he'll reach 87 (however 88 isn't impossible but I still doubt it). Once again SM can't let this guy go to high due to no international experience, no champions league and no UEFA Cup. However await a big rating increase next season and he will shine! Until the next report guys.


Next up is Fin Bartels.


21 year old Fin Bartels is a winger playing for Hansa Rostock. He has 15 starts and 4 subs for relegated Rostock. He scored 4 goals in all of those games, however his general performances weren't that great. It just shows that he started getting a bunch of time. He also got a DFB pokal start for the only game that Rostock played in the DFB Pokal.

Unfortunately Rostock got relegated however I didn't personally like their play very much. Still this means that Bartels is going to the 2. Division unless he moves out with a transfer (which I highly doubt). This guy's going to probably stay with Rostock as I don't see another club being interested in him yet.

He is currently rated 83. Due to all of the time that he's been getting he's definitely going up in rating. I think that because he's going to be playing second division football next season he'll get a maximum of 85, however I do think that that's what he'll receive (rating wise). He's good if you want a player for the future as a long term prospect. He'll probably only going up 2 so I doubt that he's a good guy to get just for the profit. Until the next report guys.


Next up is Aaron Hunt like requested.


Aaron Hunt is a 21 year old striker who is currently playing for Werder Bremen. His statistics are as follows, 6 starts and 8 subs in the Bundesliga where he scored 1 goal and got 5 assists. He also got 1 start and 1 sub in the Champions league where he got one goal. We can't forget the 3 UEFA Cup starts and the 1 DFB Pokal start. Still if you look at it his stats for the Bundesliga don't look to great but that's only because he had and injury for about the first half of the season.

Hunt is a good striker but is 5th choice striker for Bremen in my opinion. I find Sanogo, Hugo Almeida, Rosenberg and Klasnic much better. Still he is one for the future due to his young age of 21 and already getting Champions league time etc. If you want to pick him up he's definitely not for profit as he's already rated 88. He'd be more of a long term prospect. He has not had any senior squad German games (national team). He does play U-21 games.

As mentioned Hunt is rated 88 so won't be cheap. His rating also won't change as he's been playing average. He'll stick with his rating of 88 so pick him up if you want a team for the future. I could actually see him leaving Bremen on transfer this summer but that's just a theory of mine. It's up to you guys if you want him or not. Cheers.


Next up is a player that I really like, Mesut Ozil.


Mesut Ozil is both German and Turkish (remind you of anyone? ) who decided to play for Germany at the U-21 level (I believe). He is a 19 year old midfielder who moved from Schalke to Bremen in the Winter transfer period. He has started 12 games and was subbed in 11 times this season (this is the Bremen and Schalke stats together). He scored 1 goal and got 5 assists in those games (like Hunt). He also started 3 games and was subbed in 1 time in the Champions league for Schalke this season. He also got 1 start and 1 sub in the UEFA Cup. He also received 1 start in the DFB Pokal. That's enough of his stats, let's move on.

He is very technically gifted and is very speedy. He would also be a long term prospect due to his rating of 87. He won't be cheap. In the next changes he can possibly go to 88 or stay the same. That depends on SM. So I suggest you check this guy out as he's definitely one for the future. I rate him highly but he's not a good player to get just for profit, if you get him keep him. Until the next player, cheers.


As requested a few times the next player is Manuel Fischer.


Manuel Fischer is an 18 year old striker who is currently playing for VFB Stuttgart. This season in the Bundesliga he has gotten 2 subs in (scoring 1 goal and getting 1 assist). The goal and assist both came in the same game, so the question is that did he have a good game or is he really a good player? He also has a Champions league sub. But he did also play a total of 11 games for VFB Stuttgart 2 scoring 4 goals. I also believe that Fischer plays for the German U-19 squad so that's a bonus for him.

From this I can see that he's a possible good prospect, however there are better buys in my opinion. Still, at 78 he's still slightly under rated. Maybe he'll get 80/81 next time around. As many of the other players lately, Fischer is a player who's a long term prospect, not a guy for profit. However seeing how he's so over hyped on the forum you might be able to sell him to another forumer for an expensive price. Until the next player guys, cheers.


The next player as requested in Andreas Beck.


He is a 21 year old defender who is currently playing for VFB Stuttgart. He has started 12 games and has been subbed in 6 times in the Bundesliga. He has scored 1 goal and gotten 2 assists. He also started 2 champions league games (against Lyon and Rangers) and got 1 assist in each game. You can tell he's not scared of playing against big teams. Beck also started 3 DFB Pokal games. This guy is pretty good.

Beck is rated 85 currently. Most of the games he played in the Bundesliga were since the last rating changes, also meaning that he played most of Stuttgart's games since the last German changes. He deserves more as he's a regular for a bigger club like Stuttgart. My prediction is that he'll reach 87 in the next changes so I suggest getting this guy. He'll probably eventually play for Germany (seeing as we don't have the greatest defense). Once again another long term prospect. Check him out, he's a good player.

The reason why most of these players have been long term prospects are because they were requested. When the requests are done you'll probably see more profit like players. Cheers guys.


The next player was requested, he is Sami Khedira.


Sami Khedira is a 21 year old Midfielder playing for VFB Stuttgart. He had 19 starts and 5 sub ins. In those Bundesliga games he scored 1 goal and got 2 assists. His performances weren't that good though. They were actually pretty bad and in this case it matters because he's rated 88 and has seen playing time last season etc. He has also started 4 champions league games and been subbed in for 1 getting 1 assist against Rangers. He also got 3 starts and 1 assist in the DFB Pokal getting 1 assist. The games that Khedira missed were mostly due to injury. He also plays for the German U-21 national team.

He is already rated 88 and is seeing a lot of playing time. Definitely one for the future (which you can say with many young players). But I don't see his rating changing at all, he's not going up or down because his performances aren't that good. Also unfortunately Stuttgart didn't qualify for International competition next year so that can't help his rating either. If you want you can check him out. Cheers and until the next player.


The next player who was also requested is Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting.


Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting is a 19 year old striker who is currently playing for Hamburger SV. This season he has started 1 game and been subbed on 11 times in the Bundesliga. In those games he scored no goals and got no assists. He also was subbed in 5 times in the UEFA Cup where he scored a goal. He also started 1 game and was subbed in 2 times scoring 1 goal and getting 1 assist. This guy hasn't played a game for 2 and a half months!! :eek:

Choupo-Moting looked like a great player to get earlier this season when he was getting playing time. His last game was on the 23rd match day!! That's a long time ago. That's why I actually don't suggest getting him as there are much better players that you can get out there.

Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting is currently rated 80 and I don't see why his rating would change in any way. Since the last rating changes he has received a sub in which lasted 7 minutes. That's definitely not enough to get him a better rating. And seeing as he didn't get playing time for the second half of the season (basically) why would he get playing time next season? I don't suggest getting him, this is just a review on a requested player. Until the next player, cheers.


The next player was requested by Sheva, it's Sebastian Tyrala.


Sebastian Tyrala is a 20 year old midfielder who is currently playing for Borussia Dortmund. He has only gotten 1 sub appearance this season and that was in Dortmund's 3-0 win against Energie Cottbus on the 3rd match day. That game he came on in the 89th minute so basically he didn't play for the whole season. The rest of the games that he did play were in Regional liga nord. He did play U-19 for Germany and I'm not sure if he plays U-21 now.

Tyrala is a wonderful player though, if only he got more opportunities. He has so much control over the ball and his technical skills are very good, although they're very basic. He seems very consistent and can make things happen on the pitch. He is currently rated 79 and his rating won't change. He hasn't done anything to deserve a higher rating, however if he did get the chance to play I'm sure that he'd get himself a higher rating. But you never know what will happen next season with new coach Klopp. Until the next player, cheers.

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Re: Bundesliga risers/talents -> LKK

keep it going mate' date=' i have an eye in this thread. you get what you deserved ;)[/quote']

Thanks for the rep! ;)

Don't worry, I'll be adding many more. And when I'm done if I get bored I might add some second division one's! :D


The next player was also requested by Sheva, it's Sidney Sam.


Sidney Sam is a 20 year old midfielder who is currently playing for Hamburger SV. This season he has gotten 4 sub appearances (3 since the last rating changes). In those appearances he scored no goals and got no assists. He also got 1 UEFA Cup sub against Bayer Leverkusen. The rest of his games were all for Hamburg's second team which is in the Regional liga nord.

I've never actually seen him play so I can't tell you anything about his style. However from Sidney Sam's stats I'd say that he did get some time near the end of the season so he might get some time next season. He might be a good long term prospect but it's hard to tell. He is currently rated 78 and I think that he can make it to maybe 79 so no big changes. Don't try to get him if you're only looking for profit.

Sorry if this review wasn't very helpful because I don't really know a lot about Sidney Sam so I just told you what I could. Cheers and until the next review, peace.


The next player is already known but was also requested. It's Rene Adler.


Rene Adler is relatively young at the age of 23. He is a goalkeeper who is currently in goal for Bayer Leverkusen. This season he played every single game except for 1 that he missed. He let in 40 goals in 33 games which is 1.21 goals a game which is a really good score, especially for so many games. He was probably the best goalie in the league (up with Benaglio) and definitely deserves his rating of 91. He also got 10 UEFA Cup games where he played just as well as in the Bundesliga. Also 1 DFB Pokal game where Leverkusen sadly lost to St. Pauli. He is also in the Germany squad for Euro 2008. He is the second string goalkeeper after veteran goalkeeper Jens Lehmann.

I'm sure that Adler has been mentioned on the forum millions of times however that's ok because he deserves to be talked about. He is currently rated 91 but with his amazing performances I don't see why he can't reach 92. Get him, he could possibly be the world's best keeper in the future. So he's definitely worth a buy however since everyone has already heard of him I'm sure that you won't be able to get him cheap. He's already gotten a good rating but is capable of so much more. Until the next review, peace guys.


Next up is the final requested player from the Bundesliga. His name is Christian Lell.


Christian Lell is a 23 year old defender who is currently playing for the German Chelsea, Bayern Munchen. At a young age he is a regular for Munchen. He has played almost all of the games in the Bundesliga this season, he has only missed 5. Not to mention that he has played almost all of Bayern's games since the last rating changes. He plays very well actually. In the total 29 games that he has played he has scored 1 goal and gotten 5 assists. He has also started 8 games and was subbed in for 3 games in the UEFA Cup, however he didn't play that well in the UEFA Cup. He also receided 2 starts and 3 subs in the DFB Pokal. Up to now he hasn't had any caps for the German senior squad.

I believe that Lell's contract expire's in the sumer of 2009 so he could be followed by other teams. He is currently rated 89 which is to low for a young starter who is playing for one of the world's richest and most successful clubs. He will probably only make it to 90 in the next changes but he will definitely be higher in the future. He's another long term prospects. Cheers guys, the next reviews will be my own.


The next guy who's up is Timo Staffeldt.


Timo Staffeldt isn't necessarily a young player however is a decent riser. He is a 24 year old midfielder who is currently playing for Karlsruhe in the Bundesliga. Staffeldt has started 3 games and has been subbed in 13 games this season. He's a backup who get's playing time many games. Since the last rating changes he has played 5 games with 2 of them being starts. He hasn't scored any goals or gotten any assists. He hasn't played any games in any other competitions besides for the second Karlsruhe team. He does get many subs though so I think that he deserves a rise.

Tim Staffeldt is a great player who is worth getting for profit. He is currently rated 81 and with all of the sub appearances he definitely deserves a possible 84 so that could get you some slight cash. He shouldn't be to expensive and I don't see why it wouldn't be worth buying him because he is only rated 81 while playing for a side like Karlsruhe who are in the middle of the table. Until the next player, cheers guys.


The next player is Dusan Vasiljevic.


(second from the left)

Dusan Vasiljevic is a 28 year old midfielder who is currently playing for Energie Cottbus. He moved to Cottbus from Rakoczi FC Kaposvar in the winter transfer period. Since he arrived in Germany he played most of the games. In the Bundesliga he started 2 games and was subbed in for 10. That's 12 out of 16 possible games I think. He missed for games in a row at some point so I'm assuming he was injured or out of form in some sort. In these games he scored no goals and got no assists. Those were all of the games that he played.

Vasiljevic should be relieved to say that Cottbus managed to stay in the Bundesliga for another season which could definitely help his future out a lot although there isn't to much left of it. If he does well next season he might play for the Serbian national team seeing as he hasn't received any caps yet. I think that he is capable though and it is probable seeing as many Serbian's playing in Germany get chances with the Serbian squad (e.g Pantelic). He is currently rated 81 and he seems important for Cottbus. Like Staffeldt I can see Vasiljevic moving up to 84.


Now I'll be reviewing Jorg Hahnel.


Jorg Hahnel is a 25 year old goalkeeper who is currently playing for recently relegated Hansa Rostock. Hahnel recently received playing time due to Wachters injury (hamstring I believe). He started the 31st, 32nd, 33rd and 34th match day games. Not to mention two starts in the 16th and 17th match days. He let in 12 goals in 6 games. No, that's not the best record but I don't blame him because you must consider his defense which is obviously not that good. He played decently in his games and I find that he's a good goalkeeper to have on the bench for emergencies.

What makes this guys special is that he has already played 36 2. Bundesliga games and now 6 Bundesliga games in his career. That's pretty good. But if that's the case why is he only rated 76? I believe that he can make it to 81 in the next changes seeing how Hottecke played less games then him, was added at 80 and I find deserves a small increase. So I think an 81 will be his next rating.

I find that he is a great riser (5 is pretty good) and a decent player for your squad generally. I don't see Wachter staying at Rostock seeing as he is such a good player and had a good season, why should he play for a division 2 team? And I doubt Rostock will purchase a new goalkeeper because why would you spend your cash on a GK when you have a good one sitting on the bench? So I think that Hahnel will be the starting GK next season (this isn't confirmed so don't take my word on it) so he should be a great buy. Cheers guys.


The next player to be reviewed is Daniel Klewer.


Daniel Klewer is a 31 year old goalkeeper who is currently playing for 1. FC Nurnberg. He has started 9 games and came in as a sub 1 time since the last changes (also all of his games this season). He has also started 2 DFB Pokal games. In his Bundesliga games he let in 13 goals. That's 1.3 goals let in a game. He has played about as well as Blazek this season. That's also a very good ratio because like Rostock Nurnberg doesn't have the strongest defense in the world.

The awesome thing is that I don't think that starting keeper Blazek injured himself or anything. Klewer got his chance and played well, then he started playing more often. The way that I see it is that Klewer is now the starting keeper? But Blazek is a relatively big name so I could see newly relegated Nurnberg selling him for funds for their division 2. journey. It sounds like at the age of 31 he is finally getting his big break.

Klewer is rated 81 right now and I think it might be a good idea to get him because he might soon be Nurnberg's starting keeper. He would be a good money maker and possible starting keeper for some of the smaller clubs in GC's etc. 81 is much to little for him, as a starting keeper I rate him at 84/85. The reason why I say 84 is because Nurnberg were recently relegated and that is probably a down side for him. Still he'll get you some cash and might get another rise in the future. Until the next report, goodbye.

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Re: Bundesliga risers/talents -> LKK

Just to let you guys know, Marcel Hottecke has been added to the DB with a rating of 80. Due to his 5 starts finishing last season he'll be a good candidate for 2nd string keeper next season and is a good long term prospect. I believe that his rating should be higher though. In the next changes I predict that he'll receive a rating of 83. Cheers guys, until next time.

P.S - I'll edit my post on him.


Next up is a guy who has been asked to be reported on many, many times. It's Marko Marin!!


Marko Marin is a 19 year old midfielder who is currently playing for Borussia Monchengladbach who have recently been promoted to the Bundesliga. This season he has played 31 games being subbed in 7 times. He got an impressive 4 goals and 13 assists throughout these games!! :eek: And he's been on fire since the last rating changes scoring 4 goals and getting 8 assists (out of his total). Not to mention 2 starts in the DFB Pokal where he scored 1 goal against Osnabruck. Not only are his stats great but his general performances are also amazing. Possibly the best on the whole team. He has also received 1 cap for Germany and was named for the primary German Euro 2008 squad. And all this at the age of 19, imagine his future!!

Marin plays just wonderfully! His speed, his technical ability and his eye for other players. All together this makes him an incredible player! I believe he will stay at Gladbach (and hope) seeing as he started at Gladbach (my Grandfathers club) and should stay loyal. Although many clubs are after this talented youngster (don't want to name them all). This guy has had a perfect season and actually deserves all of the hype that he is getting. The only excuse you can use against him is that he plays in division 2.

Marin's current rating is 84 which is to low for my liking. With all of his achievements I can see him going up to 86/87 because he may possibly be the best player that division 2 has ever seen. Of coarse this is excluding the oldies because I'm to young to have seen the oldies play. Either way pick him up if you can but I doubt you'll be able to get him (because everyone already knows about him) and if you do somehow manage to get him it will be for an expensive price. Until the next report, see ya guys!


Mahir Saglik is a 25 year old Turkish striker who played his last season with Wuppertaller SV in the Regional Liga Nord (1 of the 2 divisions in Germany's 3rd league). And yes, he scored an amazing 27 goals in 34 games!! Some of you may say, that's nothing special, it's only division 3. Well guess what, he started 3 DFB Pokal games scoring 2 goals and getting 1 assist (one of the goals came against Bayern!).


Some of you may be thinking, oh well. He's not worth getting because he plays in the third division. Well that's where you're wrong once again. Yesterday a move to VFL Wolfsburg was completed. So Saglik will be playing for VFL Wolfsburg next season and I'm sure that he'll get a lot of playing time. Seeing as he had such a successful season in the Regional Liga Nord I'm sure he'll get starting chances at the start of the upcoming season.

He is currently rated 80 on the database. This is relatively high for a division 3 player but he definitely deserves it. Depending on how much and how well he plays for Wolfsburg next season he can have a humongous jump (in rating). He'll also probably go up in the upcoming ratings as well where he'll be graded by last season.

Don't hold back (unless I want him ) in getting him, his SM value is 1.8 million so I can't see how much that can damage your bank account. So I hope he can be important to you guys. Cheers!

(this has been taken from one of my other threads)

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Re: Bundesliga risers/talents -> LKK

Hey LKK, nice work, cheers for the PM.....

You know anything important about Ashkan Dejegah of Wolfsburg? I have seen him play and personally rate him higher than 87, am I over rating him?......What do you think?

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Re: Bundesliga risers/talents -> LKK

Hey LKK' date=' nice work, cheers for the PM.....

You know anything important about Ashkan Dejegah of Wolfsburg? I have seen him play and personally rate him higher than 87, am I over rating him?......What do you think?[/quote']

Don't worry, that report will be done for you soon. Also don't hesitate to ask questions, I'm here to help.

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Re: Bundesliga risers/talents -> LKK

Great report...You described him as exactly what I thought of him....

Sorry to rush you like mate.....

I was very surprised he didn't get 88 last changes....Ah well' date=' patience as you said....[/quote']

Indeed, so if we wait we'll get what we want.

Don't worry, it was no rush mate. Cheers for the question mate!

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Re: Bundesliga risers/talents -> LKK

Lots of Wolfsburg players to talk about. Some other suggestions:

Some of the young guys at Stuttgart

The 1860 Munich young guns

The U21s at SC Friedburg' date=' Hoffenhiem, and Koln

Good job.[/quote']

Tomorrow I might mention some more Wolfsburg and Stuttgart players. However I'm not doing teams from the 2nd Bundesliga until I have finished with the others. Thanks for the suggestion though mate.

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Re: Bundesliga risers/talents -> LKK

Great thread LKK, was thinking of sg similar myself now that the Bundesliga season has ended.

Some of the guys not mentioned but worth listing here, from the top of my head:

Fin BARTELS (Rostock)

Aaron HUNT (Bremen)

Mesut ÖZIL (Bremen)

Manuel FISCHER (Stuttgart)

Andreas BECK (Stuttgart)

Sami KHEDIRA (Stuttgart)

Marko MARIN (Gladbach)

Mohamed ZIDAN (currently HSV, very likely soon Dortmund)


Demba BA (Hoffenheim)

Bundesliga 2

Partick HELMES (Köln)

Dennis AOGO (currently Freiburg, soon HSV)

Rouwen HENNINGS (Osnabrück)

Tobias SIPPEL (Lautern)

Most of these guys are well-known to forumers but some of them could hit it real big time next season.

When it comes to Ulreich and Höttecke, I'm a bit more sceptic. Stuttgart are very likely to announce the signing of Lehmann soon, which would relegate him to sit on the bench next season. So I tend to regard him as a long-term prospect at this point.

Höttecke has more chances to establish himself as a first teamer in Dortmund but he has shown some flaws in his latest games which increases the likelihood of either

a, Klopp insisting to invest in signing a top-class keeper

b, Weidenfeller returning as No1.

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Re: Bundesliga risers/talents -> LKK

great reviews LKK.

ur not so fond of Manuel Fischer right...?

coz i did need a review on him, imo he could be bigger than da likes of Kroos and Bojan, but thats just me.

oh and btw, how high would Adler and Lell go in da next ratings...?

i expect Adler to stay at 91, but he might get a 92 if SM is generous and Lell has played great dis season at da right flank....if he improves his crossing skills then he would certainly be a big player like his lb counterpart Lahm.

are dey in da German squad for da Euros...?

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