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I quit/team give away


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I am quitting the game or rather taking a long long break from it therfore giving away every single team I am in charge of. Please declare your interest on this thread as I won't be replying to private messages for a number of reasons.

Its not first come first serve but people who have asked me for a team in the past will get the first choice on 1 team.

First up, Gold Championships

Gold 13

Atletico Madrid

This team was giving to me before the season began by Shelbourne and will be offerd back to him first.

Season So Far: Second in the league behind Real Madrid by 5 points & in the Spanish Cup semi-final after defeating Barcelona in the Quarters.

7.4m in the bank

Team Link


Gone back to Shelbourne

Gold 15

Ac Milan

Season So Far: Out of Italian Cup 2nd in the league 1 point behind Inter Milan. I have made 1 transfer in & 1 loan in the rest were done by the previous manager.

Team Link


Gone to Col# Lufc then Missisio

Gold 8

Fc Porto

Season So Far: On course for back to back Championships with 4 games left & a 7 point gap.

Team Link


Gone to Bret pending

Gone to MatteyJewi

Gold 4


Season So Far: I picked them up near the end of last season & they were sitting mid-table with 6 games left which I won and got them a Uefa Cup spot.

This season I got knocked out of Europe at the second stage but the league form is superb sitting 4 points off the top. They are also in the quarter-final of the Italian Cup and 3rd round of the Shield.

Team Link


Gold 9

Psv Eindhoven

Season So Far: Started off great beating all the other big sides by a big margin in goals. Ajax 5 - 0 Az Alkmaar 8 - 3 Feyenoord 3 - 1 then forgot to do tactics for the cup game and lost to a unmanaged side so I started negleting them. However they are still second in the league but 10 points behind Feyenoord there is still a long way to go though.

Team Link


Psv gone to Austin

Gold 10


This team will be offerd to Celtic supporters first(Already Waiting on 2 replies)

Season So Far: Not the start I was hoping for to the new campaign where I just got my first win yesterday. To be honest though none of last seasons top 5-6 have had a good start with a unmanaged Airdrie top of the league after 4 games. The first Old Firm has been and gone and that ended a draw at Ibrox so its still wide open to anyone and anything can happen.

Gold 11

Fc Porto

Season So Far: Both cups in the bag league and guarenteed European football next season which is good because wining the league is far from happening.

Team Link


Gone to Leigh

Gold 12


Season So Far: Out of evey cup due to making loads of transfers and having the best part of my whole squad cup tied. And also because of a bug which allowed players to play in the Smfa cup 1 week then the next they were cup tied in it. Still in with a shout for the league sitting in 4th 1 point behind 3 2 behind 2nd and 5 behind 1st.

That bug caused me to lose 5 - 0 to Marsaille because a outfield player ended up in goal :D

Team Link


Gone to Sparky

Gold 14


Season So Far: Well I've only had this team for a month if that so nothing to report except I was doing well until I never sorted tactics yesterday and lost 6 - 2 to Seville which was my first loss in 6.

Gold 5

Boca Juniors

Neglected from day 1 but have a good large squad with a few 90's and half decent back up and youth.

Team Link


Gone Danny Williams

Now for The New Championships which I have also neglected every single side apart from Celtic & America Mex.

Italian Championship 1


2 Best players Aguero Bojan no team link as alot of loving is needed for this team & they have very little cash. (It was a 3 season plan):) but due to neglecting make that atleat 4 seasons.

Gone Jamie T

Spanish Championship 1

Celta Vigo

Best player Benzema no team link as alot of loving is needed for this team & they have very little cash. (It was a 3 season plan):) but due to neglecting make that atleat 4 seasons.

German Championship 1


Relagation zone due to you guessed it me neglecting them completely :)

Best players Ibrahimovich Benzema Raul & Messi.

French Championship 1


Neglected again best players F.Torres L.Fabiano Gago & Pato.

Will be offerd to Kieth Fitzsimmons first as he asked for them if I quit. Funnily enough they are on a good run despite me not even looking at the tactic screen for weeks & only logging in so i didint lose them. Won 5 out of last 6 and that includes 2 4 nills & a 8 nil .

Scottish Championship 1


League Champs and only one of the two teams I actually applied tactics to (well some of the time anyway) Season just finished 20m in the bank and still to get chairman money.

The squad in a way is neglected as I had to make sure I won the 1st Spl so I bought quite a few over 30's. They still have a good team with the likes of Messi L.Fabiano.

Team Link


Aussie Championship 1

Wellington Phoneix

Bag of cash neglected team best player/s Borriello Bojan J.Hart

Mexican Championship 1

America Mex

The other 1 of the two i didnt neglect as much tactic wise. They are in the final of cup and second in league 1 point behind Santos.

Best Players Messi Henry Buffon Aguero Pato L.Fabiano R.Carvalho.

Team Link


Gone to Steve Mawby

Spanish Championship 2


Neglected tactic wise again sitting lower table.

Team Link


I have also 1 Wc teams to give away

Juventus 1917

Top of the league by 9 points defeating second place 5 -1 and should win the treble.

Team Link


Add Toronto to that list American Championship but Turna gets first dibs on them as he ask me a while back for them.

Also add Corinthions to that aswell Brazilian Championship 1 4 points off the top and in the Cup final.

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Re: I quit/team give away

Mate, it's a pity you are going... hope you do come back!:D

Anyway mate, just sent a PM and saw that you're not going to answer to it:o

I am interested in Chelsea GC12,

Have been searching for a Chelsea in a GC for ages... Was gonna get Greig's but seems like he's staying :P

I will defo look after the squad mate, keep it and would even let you know how iIm getting on with them every month! :)

Currently looking to build my GM into an all GC account club and Chelsea would look fabulous there! :)

Thanks dude, :)

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Re: I quit/team give away

First of all I'm gonna really miss our battles in GC13. I hope that Shels can keep up the hard work you put into them. It's a real shame your gonna be leaving for a while, but wish you the best and hope you have a good break. Also, would be really nice to see you pop in from time to time.

btw, That Udinese GC4, look class, but i won't be offended whether i get them or not.

See ya soon mate :)

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Re: I quit/team give away

John only just saw this thread and im gutted :( your one of the 4 people i really get on with on this game and ill really miss ya & i hope you come back :(

Id love that celtic i nGC10 if you still have them but i dont mind if you'd rather not give them me :)

GL with everythink lad

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Re: I quit/team give away

Dude don't leave :( :( :(

Your respected around here now, don't go :(

I am interested in:

French Championship 1


Scottish Championship 1


Aussie Championship 1

Wellington Phoneix

I would love to have any of these 3 teams, especially Celtic and Wellington Phoenix, as im obsessed with Australia :D

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