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Graphics Design Feedback

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Here is a post to post sigs when you want feedback on them, this is a carry on from Want a new signature get one here. Start Designing

Re: Graphic Design Feedback This is a project that I've been working on since Monday at noontime. I finished just about half an hour ago... Very tiring. While looking through Psdtuts+ for the first

Re: Signature Design Feedback Trying some sound.. It's my current sig scroll over for Biffy Clyro, scroll off to stop.

Re: Graphic Design Feedback

I'm Lovin it!' date=' wow i sound like Mcdonalds but anyways...:o:p you have become one of best Sig makers on SM when you started like myself and many others you werent great well im not particually great now lol, but you have Improved a Shoot load!, you class now mate[/quote']

thanks for the kind words. you are good :)

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Re: Graphic Design Feedback

This was for liam







feedback please :)

Different, you dont see many sig's with just the bold picture alone but I do quite like it. The lighting effect on V1 is my favourite personally but I think you should add some text (very blended) to see if it can give the sig more content, but aside from that very good (as bloody asways :P)

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Guest .кєσgн

Re: Graphic Design Feedback



Feedback...also thats my first ever Avatar it was my GFX Entry but i didnt relsie Entry had to be singer :o:p

Good sig but that doesnt look like Jessica Alba.

Her face seems different.

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