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Graphics Design Feedback

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Here is a post to post sigs when you want feedback on them, this is a carry on from Want a new signature get one here. Start Designing

Re: Graphic Design Feedback This is a project that I've been working on since Monday at noontime. I finished just about half an hour ago... Very tiring. While looking through Psdtuts+ for the first

Re: Signature Design Feedback Trying some sound.. It's my current sig scroll over for Biffy Clyro, scroll off to stop.

Re: Graphic Design Feedback

Your Current is fine Chris.


what about my new Shevchenko one ?

Should i use this or my arshavin one

Just an experimental suggestion that may or may not improve the sig, as I often do this when working with a texture like that: using a smooth eraser, try erasing the part of the texture that covers the player. Post the outcome. It can give some emphasis on the render, and this worked on some of my sigs, so it can't hurt to give it a try. Great sig, though. :)

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Re: Graphic Design Feedback

im not a fan of the right side aaron' date='

My Latest Sig






What I see with some of your sigs is that the render is either too bright or too dark (in this case). If you can get the balence between them both than your sigs will be 10x better. Other than that great attemted:).

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