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Graphics Design Feedback

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Here is a post to post sigs when you want feedback on them, this is a carry on from Want a new signature get one here. Start Designing

Re: Graphic Design Feedback This is a project that I've been working on since Monday at noontime. I finished just about half an hour ago... Very tiring. While looking through Psdtuts+ for the first

Re: Signature Design Feedback Trying some sound.. It's my current sig scroll over for Biffy Clyro, scroll off to stop.

Titulli: Re: Graphic Design Feedback

Nice idea' date=' but the image looks a little distorted - hard to make out exactely who everyone is, maybe try it again but not as harsh on the colours.

New Chamakh sig, thoughts?


Really good sig.....You placed the text perfectly....Hard to find faults in such a sig....


How is this-


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Re: Graphic Design Feedback

I haven't been making sigs for a week or so' date=' and I'm a relative novice, but what do you guys think of my new sig?


I'm only looking to improve so constructive criticism will be much appreciated :).

You're getting better each signature. I love the text and the textures, and the picture and the badge is well-placed as well. There's not much you need to improve on really, over-all it's professionally done by the looks of it.
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Re: Graphic Design Feedback

Recently got CS4' date=' so i'll be churning out some signatures this weekend and would appreciate any feedback, here is the 2nd one i've made.


Really like to hear some feedback, thanks.

that is a really good sig, nowt wrong with that imo. kiu

Been having a wee play with Paint.NET and came up with this...


First attempt ever so be nice :D I'd appreciate feedback though :)

Still awake :o So I did another :)


nice to see uve started making sigs, so whens the thread gonna be up?

great sigs, just imo u could make the renders a bit smaller so you can fit more of the player on the design. kiu

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