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Graphics Design Feedback

Kyle Turner

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback

thought on this wallpaper i made?

too big to post :P


Really like it mate' date=' kiu.

Looks quite good mate ;) maybe change the font of the text :)

New Ava's


comments ?

also ask if you want to use one ;)

The second one is good, altho i would place the stock differently with his left shoulder visible instead of right. kiu

Opinions on this sig:







Which one is better among them?

After i finish doing the textures and stuff' date=' maybe some advice on what to improve, i will add some text.

ty :)[/quote']

Version 2 or 3 is better, sig size is too big tho, you dont need to add so much of torres's body. Kiu


My first signature in a while' date=' thoughts? I went for a different style.[/quote']

Really like this, everything fits in really well, altho the render size is too big. maybe make the sig size bigger. kiu

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback

this is my final outcome' date=' thoughs?

maybe theres something to improve :)


Try and maybe sharpen the render a bit, also add text for his name, other than that its really good. kiu :)

Entered in SportGFX SOTW



very good mate, altho i dont think you really need to write his name twice:o. kiu and hope you win. :)

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback

That looks amazing' date=' best i've seen on this whole forum. Some parts are just a bit blurred and bits need more contrast.

any chance you could send me over the psd? I want to add some touches[/quote']

I've been banned from SportGFX again, brothers fault.

I didn't post that delpiero sig, my brother did - ripped from Mauro.

I must apoligise.

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback

AMAZING! love the textures but it could do with some text....what do you think of my wallpaper?

Thank you:)

The renders loom LQ and it could do with more textures.

Really like it' date=' great work.[/quote']
THE BEST! I love the effects coming off his shoulder and the render looks like HD! :) KIU.
:eek::eek: Amazing!
Im not impressed...

Lol joke :P amazing work mate! repped for its awsomeness :D

It's great but its at a weird resolution. Unless your running on a laptop or something

Thanks for the comments everyone!

And Fabre, I didn't know the measures of a wallpaper so I copied one and did my wallpaper with the same width and height.

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