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Graphics Design Feedback

Kyle Turner

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback

Hows this???


It's ok' date=' im not an expert so i can't really surgest anything, maybye a more recent photo?

Great tut, nice end result and very easy

Sorry to be a pain but any comments on my signature? :) Thankyou.

it's the best youve done' date=' i really like it, maybye have a part of it in coulour?

Dzeko wallpaper. Looks empty, what can I add?


maybye a manc badge top left?

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback



I like this style of sig you have been making' date=' prefer the De Gea one though, the Berbatov render looks a little too dark. Also try experimenting with text effects like adding an outline or setting the layer to blend differently


two new icons, thoughts?

Great icons as always, the blur around the image looks great and you havent had to over-do the effects to get a great avatar

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