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Graphics Design Feedback

Kyle Turner

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback

Background look a little too messy' date=' too much going on but I quite like the render effect on Ibra


CHeers, its hilarious but as background i only have the san siro stadium along with the Milan shirt that gives the effect to Ibra, nothing else, rest is all textures with no pics or complicated stuff :)

should i lower the opacity of the Stadium?

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback


Latest avatars' date=' how are they?

Am I right in saying that I should maybe zoom in a little closer on the Vucinic one?:)[/center']

I feel the renders look a bit lq also' date=' maybe you could tinker a bit with the contrast. Really like the aguero one, maybe you could flip it so hes facing the other side. Kiu


i mean the one with his hands over his face.[/quote']

hmm... looks like I have found a fault on the last one. Show more of the face' date=' so that people can see it's Pastore:p:o[/center']
I thought It was Ronaldo :P
i don't know who is is so maybye his name somewhere would be good:)

You done a 'Dylan' , Ciaran:):P

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