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Graphics Design Feedback

Kyle Turner

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Re: Riferimento: Re: Graphics Design Feedback

Love the effect that make it look like Ozil is breaking throught a glass or a jelly substance or wathever that is.

DUnno if you wanted such effect' date=' but it end up very nicely.

THo maybe ozil's face is abit too bright.[/quote']

appreciate the feedback mate.


this any better mate?

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback

Its good' date=' maybe a little on the plain side though.

The textures over dinho spoil the effect a bit, I would remove the lighting on his neck and the white covering his shirt slightly[/quote']

As zampa already mentioned' date=' you need to erase the texture over the neck. decent overrall, try and look at more tuts, theirs a couple on sports gfx.[/quote']

Thanks for the feedback.

I really like the textures on dinho, they give him an angry feel.

And as for the Sport GFX tuts, none of them are for p.net

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