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Graphics Design Feedback

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback

Hi guys' date=' need some help. I know i should put this on the help thread but nobody ever goews on it. So on Paint.net how do i open a canvas so that when i add a picture bigger than the canvas the canvas stayes the same size.

Would really like some help on this.[/quote']

Nobody:confused: :(

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback

first sig since april or may I think due to moving house.....thoughts ??


Good to see you back, ''Return of the Mack'' :D

Good sig too, like the background and lighting only thing I am not too keen on is the red shapes on top of the blended Rooney render - is a nice concept but I dont feel it working

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback

Wow, it's been AGES since I last visited. 5 months, to be precise.

I haven't made a siggie for ages too, so it's only fitting to start off basic.


What do you guys think? I think I'm still a bit rusty, and there's plenty to improve on, so tell me on my improvements etc.

PS. If anyone's interested, drop me a PM if you want me to restart my graphic requests. I don't do PIADS yet :S

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback

Any feedback?B)

Not sure if i like it but its definately a good sig.. Stock's are placed well' date=' text is simple but effective and all blends in quite well.. KIU



2 new ava's....which is Better ?? :)

Seedorf Ava is by far the best one imo' date=' really nicely placed and the effects blend in well.. KIU :)[/center']

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Re: Graphics Design Feedback

had some time

2 new sigs




comments? :)

Nice sigs but the text could be improved on them :) Also on the Aguero one I would lower the opacity of the background render other than that nice sig

New ones:



Great sigs' date=' everything works well, but I prefer the one in colour :)

Not posted on here for a while but I was just wondering what people thought of my new avatar? :)

Good avatar mate, I think the lighting on it is good and the placement is also good :)



Made this not to sure, think it is fairly basic but I like the picutre:


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