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Time For Me To Move On...


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Well, being accepted into Eton College was a lot of hard work and now it payed off. I am happy but feel that I can not stay in this community the amount of time I have spent with it in the past few months. I feel that it is time for me to move on and become more mature and gain more at a community that I feel is more important for me in the future. This does not mean that I am totally quitting, it just means that I will spend less time and drop many teams. I am sorry to all my custom setup owners who I have to drop from. Hope you get a good replacement for me. I will still spend quite some time on the forum as I love it here. For those who are pending to make a custom setup, please pull me out of the setup except for Ross's setup which I have promised to be part of.

These teams will be dropped... (for those in standard setups and custom setups not owned by forumers, post here if interested in taking over. I will drop the side when the owner gets a replacement as I am quite free in the next week or so)

Custom Setups With Owners

Airbus UK-UK Tiny Terminators

Gretna-The Golden Oldies Championship

Fenerbahce-Love Your Enemy

Juventus-WATLW's European Best

Liverpool-International D&G

Sevilla Atletico-David n Goliath

Atletico Madrid-Grudge Match Set-up

AS Roma-Old Gits vs. Young Upstarts

Atletico Madrid-Small Private Elite League

Barcelona-George's Invitational

Cheltenham Town-The Southeners

America-The International Showdown

Valencia-Adam AVFC's Elite

Cliftonville-The "Greenfield Invitational

Standard Setups

VFB Stuttgart-European Championship 300

Sevilla-European Championship 208

Villarreal-European Championship 198

Toronto FC-American Soccer League 6

Palmeiras-Brazilian League 3

Barcelona-World Championship 797

Liverpool-English Championship 432

Inter Milan-World Championship 275

Inter Milan-European Championship 77

Getafe-Spanish Championship 5

Siena-Italian Championship 21

Public Custom Setups

Real Madrid-joshs elite setup

Arsenal-Mighty Mongooses

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Re: Time For Me To Move On...

Congratulations on being accpeted into Eton :) . Sad to hear that you will be committing less time here now but still hope to see you popping in with some of your inciteful contributions. It's great to make new friends in the outside world, but don't forget the friends you have made here. Have fun at Eton but don't do anything I wouldn't do ;):D

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Re: Time For Me To Move On...

One of the best "wee" managers on SM,glad to see you are still going to be active,remember to send me a pm from time to time:).

It's a credit to you getting accepted to Eton and i hope you enjoy it and get out of life what you wish for.

For such a young man you already have a mature head on you shoulders and its been a pleasure getting to know you over the internet.

Here again is wishing you all the best for the future:)

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Guest melbguy1

Re: Time For Me To Move On...

good luck Tom, am sure you will be back:)

bought a handful of players in one of his threads and made a quick ~30M :eek::)

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Re: Time For Me To Move On...

And another bidding farewell. Shame to see you leave bud, top contributor to this forum and a good lad. Congrats on getting into Eton (you did tell me you were confident;) ). Pop in here from time to time and dont forget us. Best Of Luck in the future:)

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Re: Time For Me To Move On...

You are leaving just after we have started talking on MSN? Well at least its for a good reason, well done on that buddy.....

Always remember you are the creator of the hate REDDEVIL FC fan club...LOL, thats what I will remember you for....

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