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Help With a striker


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I'm looking for some help

Last time I made a thread like I was looking for a young, cheap striker for my Rangers team...teb told me about Mario Gomez who was rated 88 at that point in time. I snapped him up and he quickly moved to 90, 92 then 93.

Now I'm back because I have sold Gomez for £75M :D...not bad for £2.3M + Anthony Stokes.

I have some good striking options (Giuseppe Rossi, Pato, Bojan, Inzaghi and Lovenkrands) but I want one more striker who...

  • Is rated around 88 and are looking at quite a large rise


  • A 92/93 striker that anyone can recommend

I am aware that I my not get a large response to this but after last time its worth a try:p

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Re: Help With a striker

Luis Suarez of Ajax (rated 89) is promising.

Gomis (22yo, 88) is in the France team in Euro 08 and could easil hit 90+.

Daniel Guiza is older (28) but after coming top scorer in La Liga this season he's been picked for Spain and could increase from his current rating (92), but only if he leaves Mallorca.

Michael Owen is also older, but after having injury problems for the last few years he is only 91. If he stays fit next season, and continues his form under Keegan he could easily increase back up to 93/94, especially if he returns to the England squad.

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