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Top 5 hobbies


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Re: Top 5 hobbies

Great thread Ross......I have about 10 hobbies that are all equal but I will try and put them into just 5 here....Tough decisions!!

My top 5 hobbies are:In no particular order (because I cant choose)

1. Watching Live football or Rugby

2. Playing on Soccer Manager

3. PS3 Online

4. Talking to friends on MSN (You know who you are ;) )

5. Eating (I love my food :P )

There are others that I like just as much!!

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Re: Top 5 hobbies


2) Watching football or GAA football(sadly my playing days are long gone:rolleyes:)

3) Reading

4)Car Boot selling(Thou more a job than hobby) raises funds for Animal Sanctuary.

5)My latest hobby Extreme Gardening:D

Well Gardening sounded too tame:),just planted my first bunch of veg recently:o

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Guest the plummer

Re: Top 5 hobbies


Well if i had a list that would be top:o

infact a do have a list

  1. As stated above:p
  2. Playing Football
  3. Playing Poker With Mates
  4. Phoning Friends Late At Night And Having A Great Long Chat
  5. Soccermanager:D

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