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Your XI's. Your views, opinions and refletions.

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Guest Sooty's Football Brain


Nicest Guys In Football XI?

This week I have decided to go for the nicest guy's in football. These can be players that are well respected, are funny or laid back always smiling, or there could just simply be something about their personality that you love and you'd have him in. Past or present. Here's mine, try and play 4-4-2. ;)

GK: David Seaman - Just a generally nice guy.

RB: Liam Rosenoir - I don't know what it is but I have read interviews with him and he comes across really modest and thankful for what he has.

CB: Gareth Southgate - A good manager who I have seen up close, always encouraging, always offering support. He doesn't moan and complain. I like that.

CB: Nemanja Vidic - Just a real gentle giant, always saying thankyou, whatever it is you are giving or saying to him.

LB: Ricardo Gardner - Love his attitude and the way he plays. Quality guy.

RM: David Beckham - If you have ever met him or read his interviews you'll understand how modest he comes across, hard working and grateful for what he has.

CM: Jimmy Bullard - Living legend, cracking player, funny guy and the things he can do on and off the pitch would crack anyone up.

CM: Jay-Jay Okocha - Always a smile on his face, a bit like his Midfield partner here.

LM: Paul Gascoigne: - Just a laugh but combined it with tremendous talent.

CF: Ole Solskjaer _ Model pro, nicest guy you'll ever meet.

CF: Dwight Yorke: Does he ever stop smiling?

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Guest Sooty's Football Brain

Re: Your XI's. Your views, opinions and refletions.

If a few more people start posting I'll do a new topic every week, but otherwise I'll just scrap this

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Guest melbguy1

Re: Your XI's. Your views, opinions and refletions.

Del Piero should make the bench

He and Trez were fighting for the Serie A goalscoring champion and both were on 20 goals. In the last game DP scored the first goal to make it 21-20, then DP won a penalty and gave it to Trez to take, Trez scored and made it 21-21....

Nice guy.

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