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Possibly the best Division 4 side in English Set-up

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Probably a huge over-statement but im really happy with the side ive built within a week in set-up 1346. The team are mostly old players with only a year or 2 before retirement but if they get me promoted i should get enough money to replace them with younger alternatives. What do you think of the team, let me know!

By the way, im Gillingham!!



CB-M.Fernando Couto-85

CB-P.Christanval-82(in on loan)


RM-C.Eagles-85(in on loan)





CF-F.Dong-80(in on loan)

Subs-D.Stillie(78), T.Linke(82), A.Crofts(80), K.Maher(79), G.Ba(80)

Players marked with a * next to their rating are new singings i made after the original post.

I really think this team could push to go up to division3, let me know if you agree and why/why not.

Cheers :-)

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Re: Possibly the best Division 4 side in English Set-up

Just replaced the two weak links on the left side with players both rated 80 called M.Macha and O.Leonhardsen. Will edit the original post to put them in for everyone.

By the way, could anyone get me a link to this team that will shock me, im really intruiged to find out what he's done.

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