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need a good manager

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I am taking part in a league called Grudge match

and as i am team captain of the London fans (if you want to know the the details check grudge match thread)

and i need someone to take charge of a tottenham team that has lost none of its players and will be given good youth players from me to support them.

i need this manager to stick to this team as it is a very good league with the chance of winning your own setup;)

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Re: need a good manager

I'd be interested to take over. My managerial track record is pretty good: I've won league titles, cups and promotions with various teams over the course of my SM career. I'd stick with the team and do my best to improve it and take it to another level. Let me know your thoughts soon.

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Re: need a good manager

Today i will be giving 2 out the 4 off you a team.

It will be 1st come 1st serve

so whoever from now pm's me will get a team

1st person will get tottenham.

2nd will get Udinise

both teams have very good squads

both teams will be given youth players from me

so come and get them!

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