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European Superliga de Sophie et al

Guest SM Dev (Ste)

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Re: European Superliga de Sophie et al

LOL! Have read the whole thread and it is extremely funny!

What I found really amusing was that it was Louis Mattis sending me a link to her profile and saying that he would do her any day:D

He even commented on her profile, pity it turned out to be a boy huh? - still up for it Louis?:P

Is it the same pic where she's covering her towers with her hands?:o

And it's true, you get a girl posting her pic on the game and all the young boys jump in (Hormones start to kick in, it's all part of puberty!:D)

Like when Sophie (Sam's Galdem:o) posted her pic I think, everyone went mad ! lol.

But i do applaud the young lads courage, he turned on boys and made SM money - Brilliant!:P

I can guarantee you, if I was to change my name to Stacey Hotpants and posted a pic of a girl off glamour girls.... I'd be the most popular person on SM;)

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