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Custom ideas.....?


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I have an unused custom setup at my disposal on my newly created GM.....

I am only appealing to managers that will stick it out or only leave for a good reason, it annoys me when people just quit custom setups willy nilly, if you sign up for something then stick with it....

As I said I want dedicated managers only so not everyone will be involved in this....I have approached some people already about it, people who I think will not leave....

Anyway, I would like ideas on what sort of setup it should be....What teams....??

Feel free to leave your thoughts...:)

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Guest Football8

Re: Custom ideas.....?

Well i think 8 teams of 2 divisions sort of thing good teams in div 1 and premier league/ blue square teams in div 2 and maybe a competition eg who can score most goals in entire season etc. :)

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